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What is content type syndication hub?

Content type hub syndication Content Type Publishing Hub allows SharePoint administrators to have a central location where they can manage and publish content types from across all their SharePoint web applications. The Content Type Hub is activated as a Site Collection Feature.

How do I get to content type hub?

Find the URL for a content type hub

  1. Click Settings and then click Site Settings.
  2. Under Site Collection Administration, click Content type publishing.
  3. In the Hubs section, you can see the names of any Managed Metadata Service applications that publish content types to this site collection listed in bold text.

Which feature is responsible for making a site collection as a content type hub?

Content type publishing is a feature that will allow you to publish content type to other site collections in SharePoint Online.

Where is the content type hub in SharePoint online?

Click on the Site Actions icon and then click on Site Settings. Click on the Content type publishing link available in the Site Collection Administration section. On the Hubs section you will see the Content Type Hub URL.

How do I create a content hub in SharePoint?

Create a content type hub SharePoint 2013:

  1. Go to SharePoint 2016 Central Administration site.
  2. Application Management >> Select the Web application from the list, click on the “Managed Path” button from the ribbon.
  3. Add a new path “CtypeHub”, choose the Type as “Explicit Inclusion” and click on the “Add Path” button.

Which service is responsible for content types?

Publishing content types to web applications is an optional feature of the Managed Metadata Service. Before web applications can consume published content types, it must be enabled on the Managed Metadata Service Connection.

When does content type syndication occur in SharePoint?

APPLIES TO: 2013 2016 2019 SharePoint Online. Content type syndication, or content type publishing, occurs when you publish a content type from a content type “hub” site collection to one or more “consuming” site collections.

How to change a content type in SharePoint?

If you want to change a content type that was published to your site, select the URL for the content type hub. If you’re working on a site that subscribes to content types from a content type hub, you’ll automatically receive updates when they are published from the content type hub.

Where to find content type hub in SharePoint?

The URLs for the content type hubs are listed after the service application names. You can also see a list of the subscribed content types. Subscribed content types are read-only on subscriber sites. If you want to change a content type that was published to your site, select the URL for the content type hub.