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What is Articularis genus?

The articularis genu is a small flat muscle of the anterior knee. During knee extension it acts to tighten the synovial membrane superiorly thereby preventing impingement of the synovial folds between the femur and the patella.

What is a articular capsule?

The articular capsules form complete envelopes for the freely movable joints. Each capsule consists of two strata—an external (stratum fibrosum) composed of white fibrous tissue, and an internal (stratum synoviale) which is a secreting layer, and is usually described separately as the synovial membrane.

What is the knee capsule made of?

The knee capsule consists of two main layers, an outer layer and an inner layer. The outer layer is made up of a tough, fibrous membrane that is made up of ligament tissue. The inner layer is made up of a synovial membrane. This secretes synovial fluid.

What is the hip joint capsule?

The hip joint capsule is strong and dense, and is attached above to the acetabular margin 5-6 mm beyond its labrum, in front to the outer labral aspect and, near the acetabular notch, to the transverse acetabular ligament and the adjacent rim of the obturator foramen.

What are Articularis Cubiti?

The Articularis cubiti muscle (Subanconeus muscle) is a muscle of the elbow, considered by some sources to be a part of the triceps brachii muscle and classified as a muscle of the posterior brachium.

What is Suprapatellar Bursa?

The suprapatellar bursa, also known as the suprapatellar recess or suprapatellar pouch, is one of several bursae of the knee. It is located proximal to the knee joint, between the prefemoral and suprapatellar fat pads. As with all bursae, its purpose is to reduce friction between moving structures.

What is a synovial capsule?

: the completely closed cavity containing synovial fluid formed by the smooth cartilages covering the articular surfaces of the bones and the surrounding joint capsulein freely movable joints.

What is capsule in histology?

It is a dense fibrous connective tissue that is attached to the bones via specialised attachment zones and forms a sleeve around the joint.

What is Capsule knee?

The knee capsule is a dual-layered structure that surrounds the knee joint. It is relatively thin anteriorly and posteriorly and thickened laterally by the collateral ligaments.

What are the components of the articular capsule?

In anatomy, a joint capsule or articular capsule is an envelope surrounding a synovial joint. Each joint capsule has two parts: an outer fibrous layer or membrane, and an inner synovial layer or membrane.

Where is the joint capsule of the hip most reinforced?

The capsule of the hip joint is reinforced inferiorly by the pubofemoral ligament and posteriorly by the ischiofemoral ligament.

What is the posterior hip capsule?

The posterior hip capsule was supplied by the sciatic nerve in 1/16 hips, the nerve to quadratus femoris in 15/18 hips, and the superior gluteal nerve in 6/18 hips. Conclusions. The nerve to quadratus femoris reliably innervates the posterior hip joint.

What is the articular capsule of the knee called?

The articular capsule of the knee joint (commonly referred to as capsular ligament) is wide and lax; thin in front and at the side; and contains the patella (“knee cap”), ligaments, menisci, and bursae.

How is the articularis genus related to the knee?

The Anatomy of the Articularis Genus Muscle and Its Relation to the Extensor Apparatus of the Knee The association between the articularis genus, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius may be more complex than previously believed, and this close anatomical connection could have functional implications for knee surgery.

How are the muscle bundles of the articularis genus organized?

Results: The muscle bundles of the articularis genus were organized into 3 main layers: superficial, intermediate, and deep. The bundles of the superficial layer and, in 60% of the specimens, the bundles of the intermediate layer originated from both the vastus intermedius and the anterior and anterolateral surfaces of the femur.

Where is the articularis genu muscle located in the body?

Articularis genu muscle 1 Gross anatomy. Articularis genu is ribbon-like and arises on the anterior surface of the distal quarter of the femoral shaft, deep to the vastus intermedius muscle. 2 Innervation 3 Variant anatomy. Developmentally, it is a derivative of the vastus intermedius muscle hence may be fused with the muscle.