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What is an irrigation flow meter?

Flow sensors measure how slowly or quickly water is flowing through an irrigation system and send that information to an irrigation controller. For example, if water is flowing at an unusually high rate, a flow sensor works in conjunction with an irrigation controller to take corrective action.

Do I need a master valve for irrigation?

If your mainline is located in a place where a leak might cause severe property damage or a danger to the public, you should use a master valve. If you are willing to pay the price of a flow monitoring irrigation controller with a flow sensor, a master valve can be used as a water conservation measure.

What is the difference between water meter and flow meter?

The quick and dirty difference is that a water meter measures the volume of water as it passes through the meter and a flow meter measures the speed at which the water passes through the meter. In addition to liquids, flow meters are also used to measure gases.

Do water meters restrict flow?

They can have very small pipe or tubing incorporated into their makeup which, on its own, can seriously restrict the pressure and flow. Depending on the components used and the manufacturer, a 3/4-inch meter setter can lose as much as 25 psi of pressure at standard residential sprinkler system flow demands.

What is cycle and soak Hydrawise?

Cycle and Soak: Cycle and Soak is the ability to break the watering time for a zone into periods of watering (cycle) and pause (soak) to allow the water to soak into the soil without runoff. You can enable or disable Cycle and Soak.

How do you know if water is flowing through PVC pipe?

You could also just put a tire pressure gauge into the hole. Change in pressure would indicate flow. Just make sure both are secured so you don’t cause a leak. If the flow is constant you could check the pipe temperature.

What do you use a hunter flow meter for?

Used to measure correct water usage for lawn. I purchased the 1” Hunter flow meter primarily to measure water usage on the lawn to determine correct water usage. I am using this meter with the HPC Hydrawise compatible face panel replacement with my old (2017) Pro-C controller.

What kind of controller does the HC flow meter use?

The HC flow meter connects to Hydrawise-enabled controllers, allowing for: The HC Flow Meter is available in wired and wireless configurations, has four sizes available for 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″ NPT threads, and an analog dial displaying water usage in U.S. gallons.

Do you need a flow meter with hydrawise?

When connected to the Hydrawise platform, the HC flow meter provides a convenient option to detect, monitor, and report critical flow zone data and total system flows. By including an HC flow meter as part of a Hydrawise system installation, customers add an additional layer of landscape protection.

What are the benefits of a flow meter?

For contractors, a flow meter is a great way to build their businesses through increased offerings and top-level customer service, as problems can be addressed immediately before landscape degradation occurs. For landscape designers, the HC flow meter adds an extra security that helps preserve their thoughtfully designed landscapes.