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What is an F1 hybrid cannabis?

The term F1 stands for “filial 1” and refers to the first line of offspring produced by crossing two true-bred cannabis plants. For example, if you used a true-bred Royal Gorilla male to pollinate a true-bred female Sherbet Queen, the resulting plants would be considered F1 hybrids.

What is a hybrid cannabis seed?

Hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of two or more other types of cannabis. They are created by crossbreeding two different strains, usually a sativa and an indica, to produce the best hybrid seeds. The resulting plants are generally the best of both their parent strains.

What does F1 and F2 mean in cannabis genetics?

The resulting seeds are F1 and they will be stable, meaning the plant qualities should be pretty consistent. All the plants from these seeds will be very similar. This is great if you prefer a crop of identical plants. F2 is a cross of 2 of your F1 plants from the seeds you bred.

What does F1 F2 F3 mean in cannabis?

This will result in the hybrid seeds the breeders are after, and they’re known as “F1” seeds, or first generation seeds. F1 seeds will be the most stable of any seeds that follow it in future generations, and those generations will be known as “F2” seeds, “F3” seeds, and so forth as more seeds are made.

What does F1 mean in gardening?

An F1 hybrid is simply the result of breeding two different strains of a variety to produce a third variety. The term ‘F1’ just stands for Filial 1 or ‘first children’.

How long do indicas take to flower?

around 8 weeks
The flowering period for indica strains is typically around 8 weeks. If you’re growing indica, you can expect your plants to be in flower for 8-12 weeks.

What is a good hybrid strain?

Cannatonic is often regarded as the #1 high-CBD marijuana strain in the world, and it is unquestionably one of the finest hybrids. It is known for being a rarity insofar as it has relatively high levels of THC and CBD. Cuts of Cannatonic can have up to 15% THC and 12% CBD.

What does F2 hybrid mean?

F2 hybrids, the result of self or cross pollination of F1s, lack the consistency of F1s, though they may retain some desirable traits and can be produced more cheaply, because hand pollination or other interventions are not required.

What does BX1 mean in cannabis?

IX1 = Incross 1. BX1 = Backcross 1. It means, basically, assuming you have 2 parent plants A and B, and (A x B) is a resulting hybrid, or our reference. IX1 = (A x B) x (A x B) [notice how we incrossed, or crossed the plant to itself]

What does F3 mean for seeds?

F3 – F3 seeds are third generation seeds produced by either self/open pollination or hand pollination of F2 plants.