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What is an appropriate email address for a resume?

I’d recommend using a generic email provider such as Apple/Microsoft mail, Yahoo mail or Gmail. I’d avoid anything that makes you look old such as AOL mail or Hotmail. A professional one! This means the address should be just your name.

How do I stop emails from CV library?

Stop receiving CV-Library EmailsUsing the unsubscribe function at the bottom of the email.Amending your account details by logging in to our website.Contacting us on the Contact page of our website.

What are the qualities of a good waitress?

10 Must Have Qualities to be a Great WaiterPatience. If you want to be a great waiter you want to start by being a patient person. Accommodating. Speed. Memory. Concentration on Details. Ability to Take Criticism. Stamina and Ability to Work for Long Hours. Ability to Hide Your Moods.

Can you wear your hair down as a waitress?

Can I keep my hair long while working as a waitress? Your hair can be long, however, it must be tied in a ponytail, braid, bun or any other tied up hairstyle to keep hair out of the way so it doesn’t come into contact with the food you are serving.

How long does it take to be a good waitress?

I would say 1-2 months is about right, most people think it’s a simple job but it can be harder than perceived. Just remember to write everything down and ask chefs about food specifics. I’ve come to realize if you smile, appear relaxed and are menu knowledgeable the customers are happy.

How can I be a better waitress as a server?

Here are 5 serving tips on how to be a good waiter or waitress.The customer is always right. The first rule of being a good server is to remember the customer is always right. Be friendly but professional. Know the menu forward and backward. Practice good hygiene. Always upsell, but not in an obnoxious way.

Do pretty waitresses get better tips?

Yes, research shows that more attractive waitresses get higher tips than less attractive waitresses, regardless of the level of service. Waitresses with larger breasts get higher tips. Waitresses who wear makeup receive higher tips from male customers but not from female customers. That is just the way it is.

What a server should not do?

35 things restaurant servers do wrongLeave food in the window. This is a big one. Use a cell phone. Don’t carry a cell phone on your person unless it’s totally silent and not visible in your pocket. Ignore a table because it isn’t in your section. Forget small details. Take the right of way from a customer.

Which side should a waitress serve from?

Silver service, like all formal food service, is oriented for a right-handed waiter, left-handed waiters may use their right hand: to serve the food, the waiter stands behind the guest and to the guest’s left, holds or supports the platter with their left hand and serves the food with their right hand.

Do and don’ts in fine dining?

Fork on the left, knife on the right (if you’re a southpaw then a good server will have picked up on that and set your cutlery accordingly anyway), elbows off the table, close your mouth when you chew, don’t make noises, if you don’t like something be discreet, don’t shovel food into your mouth, never lick your knife.

Who served first?

The general rule is that women are served before men, older people before younger people, and guests before family members. And when I say serve, I mean they are encouraged to serve themselves. If there is no guest, and it is just your family, it is respectful to have mom served first.

How long after the guests seating should the waiter or waitress approach the table?

Approaching the Table: Usually the table is already setup and ready before you approach the guests–they should be seated and ready to greet you. The rule to follow when approaching your guests is to pleasantly greet them at table within one minute of them being seated.

Do you clear plates from the right or left?

Removal of plates should always be conducted from the right of the guest, as this is industry standard. For meals with multiple courses, empty glasses and plates should be cleared prior the arrival of the next course.

How do you greet a table on a server?

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