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What is a word for not deliberate?


How do you use the word deliberated?

: to think about or discuss something very carefully in order to make a decision The jury deliberated for two days before reaching a verdict. They will deliberate the question.

What’s another word for deliberating?

What is another word for deliberating?

thinking thoughtful
introspective deliberative
pensive reasonable
ruminative cogitative
cultured judicious

What is the synonym of sprawling?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for sprawling. spreading (out), stretching (out)

What is the antonym of Word non deliberate?

What is the opposite of deliberate?

accidental inadvertent
unintended unintentional
thoughtless unmethodical
unpremeditated heedless
nondeliberate unplanned

What is the synonyms and antonyms of deliberate?

Some common synonyms of deliberate are intentional, voluntary, and willing. While all these words mean “done or brought about of one’s own will,” deliberate implies full consciousness of the nature of one’s act and its consequences.

Do you deliberate on something?

To deliberate means to carefully think or talk something through — it also means slow and measured, the pace of this kind of careful decision making. If you chose deliberately, you make a very conscious, well-thought-through choice.

What is deliberate act?

Willful; purposeful; determined after thoughtful evaluation of all relevant factors; dispassionate. To act with a particular intent, which is derived from a careful consideration of factors that influence the choice to be made.

Is deliberate positive or negative?

Yes, deliberately is a synonym that means intentionally, but it more often has a negative connotation than intentionally does (especially among high school students, at least that was true when I was in high school), although both words are used both positively and negatively, e.g., That was {a deliberate / an …

What’s the opposite of sprawling?

What is the opposite of sprawling?

compressing shrinking
standing straightening
curling up