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What is a TFCC?

A triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is a structure in the wrist that supports the carpal bones on the wrist. The TFCC is responsible for keeping the radius and ulna stable as the hand grasps an object or the forearm rotates. If this cartilage tears, you can experience chronic wrist pain.

How can I improve my TFCC?

Strengthening exercises

  1. Wrist flexion: Hold a can or hammer handle in your hand with your palm facing up. Bend your wrist upward.
  2. Wrist extension: Hold a soup can or small weight in your hand with your palm facing down.
  3. Grip strengthening: Squeeze a soft rubber ball and hold the squeeze for 5 seconds.

Can you lift weights with TFCC?

In all cases, during the initial inflammatory period rest (so no training, lifting or gymnastics), ice and immobilization are the recommended protocols. The best position for the injured wrist is in a neutral position (see left) and supported by a brace.

What does TFCC tear feel like?

The main symptom of a TFCC tear is pain along the outside of your wrist, though you might also feel pain throughout your entire wrist. The pain may be constant or only appear when you move your wrist or apply pressure to it. Other symptoms of a TFCC tear include: a clicking or popping sound when you move your wrist.

Does TFCC pain go away?

While most people fully recover from a TFCC tear through either physical therapy or surgery, you may still feel mild pain or stiffness in your wrist for several years. Work with your doctor to manage any residual pain or stiffness.

Are TFCC tears common?

Classically, TFCC tears are associated with athletes, but many older adults experience degradation or wearing away of TFCC cartilage and subsequent pain and discomfort. And while TFCC tears are relatively common wrist injuries, diagnosis and treatment can be somewhat trickier.

Do you need a cast after TFCC surgery?

After you have undergone TFCC repair surgery your wrist will be immobilised is a cast or bulky dressing. You will experience some pain which you will be given pain relief for.

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What does TFCC stand for in medical terms?

TFCC Injury: disruption of the ulnar- sided capsulo- ligamentous structure of the wrist by way of trauma or degeneration. Facts of interest: 1. Incidence: up to 80% of individuals post distal radius fracture (Bombaci et al. 2008) 2.

What are the main functions of the TFCC?

Functions of the TFCC •Primary stabilizer of the distal radio-ulnar and ulnar wrist joints •Reinforces the ulnar side of the wrist •Forms part of the concavity of the radiocarpal joint •Helps transfer compression forces that cross the hand to the forearm Anatomy Components of TFCC: •fibrocartilage (articular disc)

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