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What is a synonym and antonym for tripod?

noun. ( ˈtraɪˌpɑːd) A three-legged rack used for support. Antonyms. disallow forbid sit down lie sit lie down. stand rack leg easel.

What is comprehensive synonyms or antonyms?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms comprehensive. Antonyms: narrow, restricted, shallow, exclusive, adversative, exceptive. Synonyms: wide, ample, general, extensive, large, broad, all, embracing, generic, significant, capacious, inclusive, compendious, pregnant.

What is a synonym and antonym for dawdle?

Some common synonyms of dawdle are dally, delay, lag, loiter, and procrastinate. While all these words mean “to move or act slowly so as to fall behind,” loiter and dawdle imply delay while in progress, especially in walking, but dawdle more clearly suggests an aimless wasting of time.

What are antonyms for tripod?


  • forbid.
  • disallow.
  • lie.
  • sit.

What is the opposite word for tripod?

The word tripod refers to a three-legged stand used to steady a camera. It may also refer to a stool or table that has three legs. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What is the best synonym for comprehensive?


  • inclusive, all-inclusive, complete.
  • thorough, full, extensive, all-embracing, overarching, umbrella, exhaustive, in-depth, encyclopedic, universal, catholic, eclectic.
  • far-reaching, radical, sweeping, across the board, blanket, wholesale.
  • broad, wide, wide-ranging, broad-ranging.

What does not comprehensive mean?

not comprehensive. not comprehending readily; having a slow or inadequate mental grasp.

What do you mean by dawdle?

delay, procrastinate, lag, loiter, dawdle, dally mean to move or act slowly so as to fall behind. delay usually implies a putting off of something (such as a beginning or departure).

What are some synonyms for the word dawdle?

synonyms for dawdle

  • laze.
  • loiter.
  • mosey.
  • procrastinate.
  • saunter.
  • loaf.
  • tarry.
  • trifle.