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What is a long handled shovel used for?

If you are wondering specifically when to use long handled shovels, they are better for tree planting and other hole-digging. Long shovel handles can reach deep into a hole. And you’ll get better leverage, which is easier on your back. Your long handled shovel is also great for digging compost from a compost pile.

Who makes True Temper shovels?

Ames True Temper is a multinational corporation headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation. Ames True Temper specializes in the manufacture of non-powered lawn and garden products.

Are Ames and True Temper the same company?

1999. True Temper merges with the Ames Company to form Ames True Temper, which today is known as The AMES Companies, Inc.

Are True Temper shovels made in USA?

We became American Fork & Hoe and later True Temper, a leading global supplier of lawn and garden tools and wheelbarrows. Through it all, we continued to forge, mill and manufacture our tools here in the United States.

Why do American shovels have no handles?

A shovel (US: “scoop”) has a wider blade and raised rim, to “shovel” (ie, lift and carry) more loose material – like a spoon. A straight handle without a crosspiece makes this harder to use, because of the weight of the material on the blade will cause a twisting moment about the handle, which needs to be controlled.

What is a long handled shovel called?

Trench shovels
Trench Shovel Trench shovels have a long and narrow blade with a pointed tip, and the blade is set at an angle.

Who owns True Temper Sports?

By Golf Channel Digital True Sports, the parent company of leading golf shaft manufacturer True Temper, announced the acquisition of Accra Golf Shafts and its parent company, Premium Golf Management Co.

Is True Temper a good AXE?

this axe is unbelieveably exceptional at what it is made for. i would recommend to anyone who needs a great axe that will not fail when using. i give a thumbs up on this to ames true temper double bit michigan axe company,who ever they are that made this axe. great product.

Who owns True Temper golf shafts?

True Sports
True Sports, the parent company behind shaft giant True Temper, announced Tuesday that it is acquiring Accra, the premium graphite shaft company that works exclusively with the aftermarket clubfitter business. The acquisition includes Accra’s parent company, Premium Golf Management Co. (PGMC).

Are Ames garden tools made in USA?

American Manufacturing We’ve been manufacturing our products in the USA from tree to tool since 1774. To this day, the bulk of the materials, components and products in our U.S. portfolio of brands continue to be manufactured and assembled in our factories here in the United States.

What is an Irish shovel?

The Irish Pointed Shovel – 48in is a strong, pointed head shovel that is ideal for all-round garden and construction use. This hardwearing shovel will help you get the job done.