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What is a lob star?

Lob-Star is a blue lobster who is one of the Water Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team.

Is Kaos a skylander?

Kaos is an evil Portal Master and the main antagonist of the Skylanders series. He plots to take over Skylands, and was responsible for banishing all the Skylanders from their world to Earth after destroying the Core of Light that protected Skylands, but his plans were ultimately foiled.

What is the oldest skylander?

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
The first game, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure was released on 14th October 2011 in Europe.

What LOB stands for?

1. An LOB (line-of-business) is a general term that describes the products or services offered by a business or manufacturer.

How tall is KAOS?

about 4ft tall
Kaos (pronounced: chaos) is a short, crazy, and evil human who wants to rule all of Skylands. He’s about 4ft tall, and is very ugly.

What was Star Strike’s original name in Skylanders?

Star Strike is the one Skylander who can perform her secondary attack, the Cosmic Twirl, while jumping or after stepping on the bounce pad in Swap Force. Star Strike was originally called Fan Girl.

How did Star Strike help the Skylanders at Radiant Isles?

Star Strike was the first to answer Hugo ‘s call to help the Skylanders at the Radiant Isles against an army of Trolls. Unfortunately, she, Tree Rex and Gill Grunt were busy evacuating the inhabitants of Stonetown from a crumbling dam before it gave out, and were unable to go and help Stealth Elf, Pop Fizz, and Wash Buckler .

What do Skylanders do with the Star Ball?

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level. Star Ball (Primary Attack): Press (Y) to throw the Star Ball. Star Spin (Secondary Attack): Press (X) to perform the Star Spin, damaging any enemies nearby. Star Ball Reflect (requires level: 3): Gain the ability to reflect the Star Ball using the Star Spin (X) ability.

How does Lob Star work in the Skylanders?

For risking everything, Lob-Star was recruited by Master Eon to join the Skylanders. Now, as part of the Trap Team, he uses his powerful Traptanium Throwing Stars to serve up defeat to anyone who threatens Skylands! Lob-Star was one of the Skylanders sought by Gearshift to tackle the incoming candy threat lead by Pain-Yatta.