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What is a good score in MRCP Part 2?

The mean of equated scores is highest for White candidates and lowest for BAME candidates. Candidate scores distribution shows many candidates scoring between 475 and 575 (mean=528.1, stdev=134.3, median=517, mode=502). The pass mark is established at 454.

What is the pass mark for MRCP Part 2?

The following information provides an explanation on the application of pass marks in all three components of the MRCP(UK) and the Specialty Certificate Examinations….MRCP(UK) examinations.

Examination Pass mark
Part 1 540
Part 2 Written 454
PACES 130 (see individual skills breakdown below)

Is Passmedicine enough for MRCP Part 2?

In contrast to Part 1 where Passmedicine is the most important question bank, for Part 2 it is Pastest, hands down. If you do Pastest a couple of times, you are pretty much good to go. I did it twice (once for March and once for October). It was quicker the second time around.

How many attempts are there for MRCP Part 2?

six attempts
Limited attempts for MRCP(UK) examinations * Please note candidates have six attempts for Part 2 Written and six attempts for PACES.

What is a good Mrcp score?

The mean of equated scores is highest for White candidates and lowest for BAME candidates and International centres. Candidate scores distribution shows many candidates scoring between 550 and 650 (mean=584.8, stdev=114.1, median=590, mode=602). The pass mark is established at 540.

What is the difference between MRCP Part 1 and 2?

The questions are in the same Multiple Choice format as MRCP Part 1, commonly referred to as “Best of Fives”. Unlike MRCP Part 1 questions which prioritise clinical science knowledge, Part 2 exam questions are more complex, often structured in two steps, covering investigations, diagnosis and management of conditions.

What is Mrcp pass mark?

Candidate scores distribution shows a large number of candidates scoring between 500 and 650 (mean=545.7, stdev=116.7, median=556, mode=589). The pass mark is established at 540.

When should I take MRCP Part 2?

In general, the data suggest that pass rates are highest when candidates:

  1. make their first attempt at the Part 1 Examination within 12 to 24 months of graduation.
  2. make their first attempt at the Part 2 Written Examination within 36 months of graduation.

What is a good MRCP Part 1 score?

The pass mark is established at 540. In this examination the number of correct answers for a pass is 124. One question was pulled due to poor performance. Overall, candidates have the highest mean percent correct in Endocrinology, while UK trainees scored highest in Endocrinology and Gastroenterology.

How many practice questions are on MRCP Part 2?

Revise for the MRCP Part 2 written exam with over 1,840 expertly written and reviewed practice questions. Our 2018 Mock Test, which is timed to match the current paper format, covers past paper themes and curriculum areas.

What happens if my MRCP Part 2 is cancelled?

If you purchase a resource and your exam is subsequently cancelled due to COVID-19, you will be eligible for a 50% discount off your next Pastest subscription. For more details see our COVID-19 support page. The MRCP Part 2 written examination consists of two 3-hour papers taken in a single day.

Which is the best resource for MRCP Part 1?

The key aspect to resources is not to overload yourself because if you purchase ten books and only manage to read a few pages from each, you’re much better off concentrating on one or two key texts. The other resource you’ll need to use, as in MRCP Part 1, will be a trustworthy question bank such as PassMedicine, PasTest or OnExamination.

Do you get free postage on Pastest MRCP Part 2?

Your performance dashboard provides more detailed data that will enable you to benchmark yourself against your peers and see your performance across the full range of exam specialties. Online subscribers are entitled to 25% off all Pastest MRCP Part 2 books and free UK postage.