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What is a dog box for hunting?

Dog boxes are cool in summer months and warm in winter months. Because dogs are den animals, they will view their box as an extension of a crate or kennel, keeping them feeling safe. Dog boxes shelter your dogs from the elements to keep your hunting buddies safe, comfortable, and cozy.

Where is Owens dog boxes made?

the USA
Owens is proudly made in the USA! Owens Rubber Floor Mat for Dog BoxesAllow your dog to ride in their dog box comfortably.

Are dog boxes safe?

Although your dog may be well trained and enjoy the breeze blowing through his/her hair, it’s dangerous to let dogs ride in truck beds unrestrained. There is always the potential of an accident, swerving around an obstacle or even having to hit the breaks to avoid an accident.

What is the point of a dog box?

The crate is a place for the dog to be when no one is around to supervise him. It is the dog’s bed and sanctuary. Its purpose is to provide confinement for reasons of safety, security for the dog, house training, prevention of destructive behavior, and/or travel.

Why do hunters use dog boxes?

They’re Comfortable – The crate should be designed to keep your gun dog comfortable in any weather, and for the time it takes to reach your hunting destination. Air circulation: The crate should allow for air circulation, without letting in rain or snow when riding in an open truck bed.

Are dog crates cruel?

Pet store and puppy mill puppies, who are born and raised in crate-like structures, tend to be difficult to housetrain, and they may experience severe anxiety and develop fearful and/or destructive behavior if they are confined to crates. They may even injure themselves while trying to bite or scratch their way out.

What is a dog box used for?

Crates allow dogs to lay down and sleep without distracting the driver.

Where can I find dog boxes and trailers?

1 Jones Trailer Company. 2 Ainley Kennels & Fabrication. 3 Alum Line Dog Boxes 4 Deerskin Dog Boxes. 5 Diamond Deluxe Dog Boxes – Jackson Creek Manufacturing 6 Dog Boxes Etc. 7 Mountaintop Custom Kennels. 8 NorthStar Plastics Dog Boxes and Trailers. 9 Owens Products 10 Old South Dog Boxes.

How big is an aluminum hunting dog box?

These features come standard on all Hunter and Hunter Pro Series boxes: Lockable, slam latch doors with removable storm covers, Lined dog compartments. K&W dog boxes are constructed of a rugged 0.56″ thick diamond plate aluminum.

What kind of dog can fit in an old South dog box?

Our Old South Dog Boxes offer a diverse range of styles of boxes and trailers. We can accommodate beagles, walker dogs, bird dogs, labs, and more.

Can a slide in dog box fit in a truck?

The Slide In edition of our Old South Dog Boxes can fit in most trucks and buggies. It comes complete with sides and usually has floors. The Rail Ride version of our Old South Dog Boxes is built to allow for the maximum amount of space inside your truck bed.