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What is a Dibber in orienteering?

Dibber to collect electronic times from controls which is downloaded at the end of the event – you can normally hire this. There are 2 main systems used: Sport-Ident and EMIT, of which Sport-Ident is the most popular (and is used by GO for our own events).

What are the equipments used in orienteering?

Orienteering Equipment

  • Map. Any kind of map may be used for orienteering (even a street map), but the best ones are detailed five-color topographic maps developed especially for the sport.
  • Compass. A compass is vitally important for correct navigation.
  • Racing Suit.
  • Running shoes.
  • Control card.
  • Other.
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What is an SI card in orienteering?

This SI-Card is an advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports which features high punching speed and bigger data storage. SI-Card9 comes in vary-coloured tips and bodies which is possible to be customized.

What is the most important piece of orienteering equipment?

A compass is the main gadget (after map), that you need for orienteering. It’s important for a correct navigation. Some people participate in orienteering events without a compass, but likelihood of going in the wrong direction is high, especially for the beginner, who does not have a good map reading skills.

How should I dress for orienteering?

What should I wear? Orienteering is basically walking or running in the woods so wear whatever you’ll find comfortable for that and appropriate for the weather. We generally recommend long pants to protect your legs from such things as thorns and insects.

How is orienteering played?

Orienteering involves competitive navigation along a course, using a map and compass. Competitors find their way from checkpoint to checkpoint (called controls) in the shortest time possible. So they must decide on the best route and then make it there without getting lost.

How is orienteering map and compass used?

Using a compass for orienting the map Place the compass flat on the map. Rotate the map until the “north lines” on the map (a series of evenly spaced parallel lines drawn across the map, all pointing to magnetic north) are aligned with the compass needle. The map should now be oriented to the terrain.

What kind of shoes should be worn when participating in an orienteering competition?

A sturdy pair of running shoes is one of the most essential pieces of orienteering gear. For starting out, any normal pair of running shoes will do but shoes such as the Salomon XA Pro II which is lightweight, comfortable and incredibly tough are recommended.