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What happens when you tag all the tags in GTA San Andreas?

Upon completing all the gang tags, the player will receive certain rewards. These are: Molotov Cocktail, AK-47, Sawn-off Shotgun and TEC 9 delivered to the kitchen at the Johnson House; Grove Street gang members will start to carry Desert Eagles, SMGs and knives instead of the usual pistol and TEC 9.

How many GB is GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas Download Size Before jumping to the steps do note that the game title is roughly 4.7GB in size for the PC version. So make sure you have enough disk space to download and install the game on your PC or laptop.

Where are all the tags in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Tag 1: Southwestern most pier, on the side of a building just past the Ferris Wheel. Tag 2: On a building just east of the pier. Tag 4: In the alley. Tag 5: On the building down by the dock.

Is GTA SA map bigger than GTA V?

With a measurement of 75.84 square kilometers, Los Santos completely dominates San Andreas as the biggest Grand Theft Auto world map. GTA 5 would hold the title of the largest open-world map ever made by Rockstar, until the developer’s other major franchise sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, was released.

What is GTA San Andreas storage?

‘Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ Recommended PC System Requirements

Spec Requirement
Operating System Windows 2000, XP, or newer
CPU Pentium 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)
Memory 256MB of RAM or more
Hard Drive 4.7GB of free hard disk space

Can I run GTA San Andreas in 2gb RAM?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas system requirements state that you will need at least 256 MB of RAM. Additionally, the game developers recommend somewhere around 384 MB of RAM in your system. An Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU is required at a minimum to run Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Where is Los Santos in GTA San Andreas?

Los Santos is the largest and most populous city in the state. It is situated on the southeastern part of San Andreas, south of Red County and east of Flint County.

What happens when you take over all territories in GTA SA?

Taking over all of the other gangs’ turf in Los Santos will mean that the Grove Street Families have completely taken over Los Santos; the player’s territories will no longer be attacked.

Where do you find tags in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas is huge compared to previous games, and as a result you have a lot more collectables to find. There’s 250 collectable items altogether, and 100 of these are Tags which can be found in the streets of Los Santos, San Andreas. Unlike collectables, these must be sprayed over with a spray can however.

What are hidden packages in GTA San Andreas?

Previous GTA games included Hidden Packages which were just that, hidden packages which you needed to find and collect, in order to unlock special weapons at certain hideouts, as well as money. GTA San Andreas is huge compared to previous games, and as a result you have a lot more collectables to find.

When do you spray in GTA San Andreas?

This spraying starts during the Tagging Up Turf in which you’re informed about it. This is another side-challenge given to you apart from many other challenges (story missions, etc) of Grand Theft Auto SA.

Where to get paint in GTA San Andreas?

Then you can get the paint on the first floor of Carl Johnson’s house which is located in Grove Street along with Ryder’s house and Sweet Johnson’s house. Remember this house?