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What happened to the Free Market MapleStory?

The Free Market is a central trading post where players can trade with other users. It used to allow players to set up personal stores, but this method has been removed and replaced with the Auction House.

Why was the Free Market removed MapleStory?

The removal of the Free Market is among the planned changes taking place in MapleSEA, in order to move forward to cater to the changing demands and challenges of the game service as a whole.

How do I use the auction house in MapleStory?

You can freely purchase and sell various items from Maple World at the Auction House! You can head there through Eggrich via ‘Quick Move’, or you can also enter by clicking on ‘Auction House’ in the game menu.

How do I get to the Free Market entrance MapleStory?

In Ludibrium, go to the main town. Then, in the middle section, there is a girl wearing a tall hat. Next to her is a set of small squares one atop another. Jump up the squares, and you will see the market portal.

How do you use meso market?

In the Meso Market, you can freely buy and sell Mesos!…[Common]

  1. Purchase/Sale Price: Enter the amount of Maple Points per 100M Mesos for the trade.
  2. Meso Purchase/Sale Amount: Enter the amount of Mesos in units of 100M for the trade.
  3. Average Price: This is the average price of recent trades (in units of 100M).

Where can I sell intense power crystals?

The crystal is divided equally amongst party members. Has no special function, but you can sell it at a high price to a Collector who hangs out at the Free Market Entrance.

How do I get maple points?


  1. Maple Cash – Can be purchased using prepaid card, mobile phone, payment kiosk, and credit/debit cards.
  2. Maple Point – Can be earned via certain in-game events and activities.
  3. Mileage Point – Can purchase items in the Mileage shop or to apply a 30% discount on certain Cash Shop purchases.

Where is the auction house Maplestory?

You can access the Auction House in Town, via the Menu > Maple Auction. Alternatively, via Quick Move > Maple Auction.

Can you buy maplestory mesos?

Why Not. Last but definitely not least, you can buy Maplestory mesos. Yes, that’s right; you can purchase Meso with real money. It’s fast and you no longer have to go through tricky Free Market maneuvers or grind Party Quests or bosses.

Can you buy cubes with maple points?

The following items cannot be purchased with NX Credit or Maple Points until the purchasing character has reached level 60: All Cube packages, including Red Cubes, Black Cubes and Bonus Potential Cubes. Potential-related items, including Potential Stamps, Bonus Potential Stamps, and Miracle Circulators.

What is Max drop rate Maplestory?

Drop gear is very important in Maplestory. In AriesMS, drop rate has a max cap of 600%, with everyone starting at 100%. By reaching 600%, items are 6x as likely to drop.

What is the free market in Maple Story?

In Maple Story, the heart of the Maple Story gold economy beats at the Free Market. It is where people go to check out other people’s stores, create their own stores and spam trade offers to potential buyers.

Why was the economy so mess in Maple Story?

The Maple Story economy was such a mess after that, as players found a way to hack their way into getting these Maple Story gold, Maple Story mesos were being sold because of how easy they can be duplicated. But in turn, the prices of items on the free market increased because in a way, the value of the mesos decreased dramatically.

Why are people buying Maple Story mesos so much?

People are buying Maple Story mesos more than ever because of this. Maple Story Mesos, the official currency of the game, has a long history of its economical impact towards the players. With lots of new additional items and accessories, old school and new players alike are looking where to buy Maple Story mesos.

How long do items stay in Maplestory after auction?

Items moved to the ‘Complete’ tab will be stored there for up to a year after the auction is completed. If you do not retrieve, re-list, or claim the item within that time, it will be removed entirely and be unrecoverable. You can click on the ‘Get All’ button to automatically claim all items and payments.