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What happened to Mondesi?

In the last four seasons, Mondesi has been on the injured list with right shoulder impingement, a right groin injury, a left-shoulder subluxation, a right oblique strain, a strained hamstring, and now a left oblique strain. Four seasons, six times on the IL.

What was Mondesi injury?

Mondesi has been on the 10-day injured list since June 21 with a left oblique strain, but he missed a month and a half to begin the regular season with a right oblique strain. The tightness comes from the scar tissue that formed around the strained oblique.

Who is Adalberto Mondesi dad?

Raúl Mondesí
Adalberto Mondesí/Fathers

Why did Mondesi leave the game?

He’d played in each game since his return, and he’d been an offensive spark. However Mondesi left Monday night’s win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the eighth inning because of a left hamstring injury. The extent of the injury wasn’t known as of Monday night.

Did Mondesi get hurt?

Mondesi hurt his shoulder at the end of the 2019 season, missing the last five games of the year. After his early shoulder problems, the Royals took no chances by sitting him out at the end of a lost season.

Is Adalberto Mondesi related to Raul Mondesi?

Mondesí is the son of former MLB player Raúl Mondesí. Known as Adalberto when he signed with the Royals, Mondesí went by Raúl Mondesí (and was sometimes referred to in media as Raúl A. Mondesí or Raúl Mondesí Jr.)

How many games has Mondesi played?


Duration AB H
Last 7 Games 26 3
Last 15 Games 54 10
Last 30 Games 108 22

Is Mondesi a switch hitter?

He’s a switch-hitter. He can hit a fastball, he can bunt and he can run.” Mondesi was told to be ready for any kind of situation. “If I’ve got a chance, I’ve just got to do my work to give all I’ve got,” Mondesi told the Star before the first game of the World Series in Kansas City.

Why did Raul Mondesi change his name?

But the Royals’ Raul became, by his choice and insistence, Adalberto–he announced shortly after spring training began in 2018 that he wished to be called by that name because it made him comfortable and that’s how people in his home, the Dominican Republic, knew him.

Is Byron Buxton injured?

Following the game, the Twins announced Buxton has a fracture in his hand, and he was placed on the injured list Tuesday. Twins manager Rocco Baldelli explained that Buxton suffered a “boxer’s fracture,” a fracture at the base of the fifth metacarpal in his left hand.

How did Mondesi get injured?

Adalberto Mondesi injury number one: shoulder impingement His first major injury, which cost him nearly half a season in 2018, resulted from Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, suffered in Spring Training that year.

What nationality is Mondesi?

Adalberto Mondesí/Nationality