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What happened Patricia Belmondo?

Patricia belmondo In 1994, however, the family experienced a tragedy: Patricia died in the fire in her apartment in Paris, at just 40 years old. A tragedy from which Jean-Paul Belmondo has never recovered.

Who was Belmondo married to?

Natty Tardivelm. 2002–2008
Elodie Constantinm. 1952–1968
Jean-Paul Belmondo/Spouse

Is Jean Paul Belmondo alive?

Deceased (1933–2021)
Jean-Paul Belmondo/Living or Deceased

Where is Belmondo buried?

September 10, 2021
Jean-Paul Belmondo/Date of burial

Why did Belmondo died?

In 1989, Belmondo was in his mid-50s when he met 24-year-old dancer Natty Tardivel. Belmondo died on 6 September 2021 at his home in Paris, at the age of 88. He had been in failing health since he suffered a stroke two decades before. A national tribute was held on 9 September.

Who attended Jean Paul Belmondo funeral?

Belmondo’s grandson also celebrated “the sympathy and joy of living” of his grandfather, reflected in his eternal smile. Many colleagues attended the tribute, such as the interpreters Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard, Berenice Bejo or Nathalie Baye, or the director Michel Hazanavicius.

Was Delon and Belmondo friends?

Friday´s funeral was a more intimate affair, bringing together Belmondo´s family, friends and film celebrities. Among them was 85-year-old Delon, who like his friend Belmondo was the face of French New Wave cinema in the 1960s and 70s.

Who was the French actor with the name Belmondo?

For other people with the same name, see Belmondo (disambiguation). Jean-Paul Charles Belmondo (French pronunciation: ​ [ʒɑ̃pɔl ʃaʁl bɛlmɔ̃do]; 9 April 1933 – 6 September 2021) was a French actor, initially associated with the New Wave of the 1960s and a major French film star for several decades from 1960s.

Where was Jean-Paul Belmondo born and raised?

Early life. Belmondo was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Seine, now Hauts-de-Seine, west of Paris. Belmondo’s father, Paul Belmondo, was a Pied-Noir sculptor who was born in Algeria of Italian descent, whose parents were of Sicilian and Piedmontese origin. As a boy he was more interested in sport than school,…

What kind of movies did Jean Paul Belmondo make?

Belmondo returned to filmmaking with the crime movie, Ho! (1968), then had a massive hit with a comedy co-starring David Niven, The Brain (1969), the most popular film at the French box office that year. More prestigious was Mississippi Mermaid (1969) for François Truffaut with Catherine Deneuve. Love Is a Funny Thing (1969) was a romantic drama.

When did Jean Paul Belmondo win a Cesar Award?

In 1989, Belmondo won the César Award for Best Actor for his performance in Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté. He was nominated for two BAFTA Awards throughout his career. In 2011 and then in 2017, he received a lifetime achievement honor: the Palme d’honneur during the Cannes Film Festival and a César d’honneur 42nd César Awards.