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What happened Janna Banana?

The wonderfully named Jana Banana has left the show after 11 years, Jim Philips announced on Tuesday’s show. “She leaves with my blessing,” Philips told listeners on Real Radio 104.1. He described her as “such an asset to the program.”

Who is Janna Banana?

Jana has been called Jana Banana since kindergarten. So, seven years ago, when she applied for an internship on the “Philips Phile” Real Radio 104.1, Jana Banana was the obvious name for her radio character.

Why is Jana Banana in a wheelchair?

Early life. Stump was born and raised in Belleville, Kansas to parents Jerry and Kathleen. In 1990, on the last day of her freshman year, she became paralyzed after a seat belt broke and threw her into the backseat. After returning to high school in a wheelchair, she was crowned Young Woman of the Year at 18 years old.

What happened to the Philips Phile?

After more than 30 years of hosting “The Philips Phile,” Jim Philips has announced he will retire from iHeartMedia talk/classic rock “Real Radio 104.1” WTKS-FM Orlando on November 21. One final “Philips File” will air that afternoon, capping off a 50-year career with the past three-plus decades at “Real Radio 104.1.”

Did Jim Phillips retire?

Jim Phillips will retire on Nov. 12 after more than 15 years at the helm of Canada’s stamp program. He worked for Canada Post for more than three decades.

What happened to Jim Phillips on Real Radio?

Philips retired in 2018 and the show became the Jim Colbert Show where Dirty Jim, Jim Colbert, took on another role as a host rather than sidekick on the Monsters. To be honest, Jim Colbert has always been one of my favorites on the station and his “put his head through the drywall” attitude has always been fun for me.

Is Jim Colbert Dirty Jim?

Philips retired in 2018 and the show became the Jim Colbert Show where Dirty Jim, Jim Colbert, took on another role as a host rather than sidekick on the Monsters.

How can I watch Jim Colbert live?

How To Watch The Jim Colbert Show Video Stream

  1. YouTube – The Jim Colbert Show can be watch on YouTube on the shows new YouTube channel here.
  2. Twitch – You can watch JCS on Twitch,
  3. Facebook Live – You can watch and listen in 2 different places on Facebook.

Who are the Monsters of the Midday?

The show’s current staff consists of Russ Rollins, Carlos, Angel, Ryan, Angelique and Savannah the Queen of Gators. The Monsters in the Morning’ format features a mix of current events, comedy, and stunts….The Monsters in the Morning.

Country of origin United States
Recording studio Orlando, Florida
Audio format Speech

What happened to Dirty Jim from monsters in the morning?

COLBERT, formerly part of REAL RADIO’s “MONSTERS IN THE MORNING” show as “DIRTY JIM,” has been hosting the FRIDAY afternoon show and is joined by News Director DEBORAH ROBERTS, comic RAUCE PADGETT, and Executive Producer JACK BRADSHAW. It is an absolute honor to bring my show to the same time slot on REAL RADIO 104.1.”

How did Jana banana get on the radio?

After completing three internships with the Philips Phile, Jana evolved into a permanent member of the cast and her radio personality, Jana Banana, or sometimes just �Banana.� Before she went on air for the first time, Jana said Phillips recommended, �Let�s don�t mention your wheels yet.� �It didn�t seem to shape who I was on the air.

Where did Jana Banana go to the Paralympics?

As part of the U.S. team, she traveled to Europe, Australia, Brazil and Japan. In its first Paralympics Games in Atlanta in 1996, the team won a bronze medal. In 2000 in Sydney, it placed fifth. Then, in Athens in 2004, the team won the gold medal.

When did Jana Banana have a car accident?

At 15, Jana was an active, able bodied baton twirler and cheerleader, but then a minor automobile accident changed her life forever. After school one day in May 1990, she and a friend were driving home along a dirt road.