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What happened in Grande Cache Alberta?

Grande Cache received town status on September 1, 1983. The community suffered a boom-bust cycle due to the dependence on a single employer that depended on a single commodity: coal.

When was Grande Cache established?

Grande Cache, Alta, incorporated as a town in 1983, population 4319 (2011c), 3783 (2006c). The Town of Grande Cache is located 430 km northwest of Edmonton, on a mountain plateau near the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur rivers.

Is the coal mine in Grande Cache closed?

The mine closed in 2015 due to low coal prices. Grande Cache Coal went into receivership in January 2017 after its Chinese owner defaulted on paying off a debt of roughly $500 million. In January 2018, the mine’s receiver Deloitte, LLP went before an Alberta Court seeking approval to sell the mine to a new buyer.

Who owns Grande Cache Coal Mine?

CST Canada Coal Limited
CST Canada Coal Limited acquires Grande Cache Coal mine for US$430M.

What is Grande Cache known for?

Grande Cache is known for “Canada’s Death Race”. The Canadian Death Race is a 125-kilometer foot race through the Canadian Rocky mountains in Grande Cache, Alberta. It includes three mountain summits, one major river crossing, and 17,000 feet of elevation change.

What is the elevation of Grande Cache Alberta?

1,220 m
Grande Cache/Elevation

Who named Grande Cache?

Grande Cache got its name from a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trader named Ignace Giasson who cached a large supply of fur in the area during one of the winters between 1818 and 1821.

Is Grande Cache Safe?

Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

Does Grande Cache have mountains?

There are more than 20 mountain peaks surrounding Grande Cache to explore.

How do I get to Kakwa Falls?

The falls are only accessible by pickup trucks in late summer/fall as the water levels will be receded allowing for easier river crossings. At the end of the off-road trail, you will arrive at the Day Use Area. From there, there is a hiking trail that leads to the falls viewpoint.

What river runs through Grande Cache?

The Smoky River
The Smoky River originates in the Canadian Rockies, in the northern area of Jasper National Park from Adolphus Lake (53.171N 119.117W). It then flows north east through the Willmore Wilderness Park until it passes near the town of Grande Cache.

Is Grande Prairie safe?

Crime rates in Grande Prairie, Canada

Level of crime 72.12 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 78.05 High
Worries home broken and things stolen 62.64 High
Worries being mugged or robbed 58.05 Moderate
Worries car stolen 67.81 High

How many people live in Grande Cache Alberta?

The community’s population has gone from 4,319 in 2012 to 3,571 in 2017, leaving the town’s tax base unable to keep up with costs. The facility is now caring for two bear cubs after the province lifted a ban on rehabilitating bears in Alberta on April 18.

How old is Grande Cache Daily Herald Tribune?

Grande Cache celebrating 50 years since founding Alberta Daily Herald Tribune”What’s really kept us all together as a community is we’ve been the community of Grande Cache and we will always be the community of Grande Cache.”

Is the Grande Cache coal mine still open?

Four months after it was shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grande Cache coal mine remains inactive, leaving more than 200 workers in limbo. ‘We’ve been told that it’s going to open up again.

When is the 50th anniversary of Grande Cache?

Grande Cache set to celebrate 50th anniversary with weekend of events My Grande Prairie NowAround 50 activities have been planned to help celebrate 50 years of Grande Cache. From June 28th to the 30th, 50th Anniversary Committee Chairperson