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What features does a 2011 Ford Edge have?

Used 2011 Ford Edge Limited Specs & Features

Power Feature
1 one-touch power windows yes
digital keypad power door locks yes
Heated mirrors yes
Power mirrors yes

Does 2011 Ford Edge have remote start?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – This is a complete remote starter kit for 2011-2014 Ford Edge – Key-to-Start – Gas. Includes a all-in-one remote start data interface bypass module, and T-Harness. Firmware preloaded and is ready to be programmed to YOUR vehicle.

Does the 2011 Ford Edge have Bluetooth?

Yes, the 2011 Ford Edge can be available with Bluetooth using the SYNC connection. It’s an option on the SEL. SYNC comes standard on the Limited and the Sport.

How many miles can a 2011 Ford Edge last?

A well-maintained Ford Edge can last for over 200,000 miles. While the vehicle is not free of major faults, the engineering is sound enough to deliver decent durability. With responsible use habits and regular maintenance and repairs, the Edge will last over 15 years easily.

Is 2011 Ford Edge Limited All Wheel Drive?

The 2011 Ford Edge is available with either a 3.5-liter V6 engine in SE, SEL and Limited trims, or a 3.7-liter V6 in Sport models, and all were available with front- or all-wheel drive.

How do I remote start my 2011 Ford Edge?

Operation of System

  1. To Start: Press Lock button 3 times on factory key FOB.
  2. To Stop: Press Lock button 3 times again while engine is on.
  3. Parking Lights will illuminate during remote start mode.
  4. Run Time is 15 minutes.
  5. All doors, and hood must be closed.

How do I know if my 2011 Ford Edge has remote start?

The easiest way to find out if your Ford has a remote start is to look at the key fob. If your Ford key fob has a button that shows X2 inside a circle with an arrow, your vehicle is equipped with an engine remote start. This is what your key fob will look like if your Ford has a remote engine start.

Is Ford Edge expensive to maintain?

Are Ford Edges Expensive to Maintain? Yes, they are relatively expensive to maintain. Repair and maintenance of Ford Edge cars cost more than the average repair for other midsize SUVs. While it costs about $573 per year to repair similar SUVs, regular repair and maintenance on Ford Edge will cost $611 annually.