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What DPI should I scan 120 film?

So the reason you would want to scan at 1200 dpi is so that you can make a 4x enlargement at 300 dpi printing density (since 1200/4 = 300), or a 6x enlargement at 200 ppi printing density. All that matters is that the scan captures all the detail in the image.

Is CanoScan 9000F Mark II Wireless?

Canon has announced its new wireless PIXMA printers, the MG6320, MG5460, and iP7220, as well as the CanoScan 9000F Mark II photo scanner. The MG6320 and MG5420 are all-in-one (AIO) printers, both of which offer wireless connectivity and can print a 6-inch x 4-inch photograph in approximately 21 seconds at max color.

Is 4800 DPI good for scanning?

Digital. The really high resolutions, however — 2400, 3200 and 4800 dpi — are really intended for capturing really small and highly detailed sources like film negatives and slides. The first number is the highest “optical” resolution your scanner is capable of, and therefore the highest dpi you should ever scan with.

What kind of scanner is the CanoScan 9000f Mark II?

The CanoScan 9000F Mark II Color Image Scanner, a high-speed scanner with professional film scanning quality. With 9600 x 9600 maximum color dpi 1, it produces incredible detail in both business documents and photographs. The CanoScan 9000F Mark II also helps you get the most out of your photos and documents with My Image Garden 2 software, off.

What kind of scanning software does Canon Canoscan use?

35mm Kodak Kodacolor II (negative) film shot in 1972. For the money, I don’t think you could buy a better scanner; however, the software, could be better. The Canoscan offers three programs for scanning film: Auto Scan, Custom Scan and Scan Gear. It also comes with another program, Image Garden, for cataloging and filing images.

What is fare level 3 on Canon Canoscan?

FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) Level 3: This built-in retouching technology delivers automatic correction to photos and film, removing much of the dust and scratches while restoring their color, all at the same time Zero warm-up time and offers lower power consumption with super-efficient white LEDs

Is the scan Gear program Good for Canon?

The Scan Gear program can make useful adjustments, such as flip or rotate, but does a terrible job on the finer adjustments such as color balance, exposure and contrast. The scanner’s ability to output “TIFF” files rather than just “JPEG” is a real advantage.