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What does Vignale mean on a Ford?

Vignale is the name for Ford’s top-of-the range cars. With this new brand, Ford promises a high level of luxury and personal service. BuyaCar team. Jul 1, 2021. facebook.

Where is the Ford Vignale made?

But only one production model was ever made, for the Sultan of Brunei. More than a decade later, Ford finally placed the Vignale badge on one of its own cars for the first time: the Focus Vignale was a Paris Motor Show concept designed to preview the forthcoming Focus CC.

Is a Vignale better than titanium?

It may be the luxury model, but Ford has also made the Focus Vignale look a bit sportier than the Titanium. There’s less chrome and more body-coloured trim, while new bumpers and the bigger wheels give it a more aggressive look.

What is vignale edition?

The Vignale badge is Ford’s way of denoting the range-topping versions of the S-Max, Edge, Kuga, Focus and now the humble Fiesta.

Do Ford still make the Focus Vignale?

Ford has discontinued the range-topping Vignale edition of its Focus hatchback, citing slow sales. A spokesman told Autocar that the Vignale accounted for just 4.4% of Focus sales, while the rugged Active X Vignale claimed just 2.2% of sales.

What is the Ford Vignale range?

The Vignale range is handcrafted by six dedicated Vignale craftspeople, who use traditional coachbuilding techniques to make the most luxurious and refined Ford range available. The Vignale range is currently available in six models: Edge, Fiesta, Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX and now Focus.

Is Mondeo Vignale a good car?

Whatever engine is fitted, the Ford Mondeo Vignale is a car that focuses on comfort, but is still very enjoyable to drive – although the diesel cars are more fun than the hybrid. And, thanks to the light, accurate steering and limited body lean in corners, this is a fun car to drive, too.