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What does the word fulanito mean?

Their name means “so-and-so” in Spanish. Members of Fulanito were formerly with popular groups such as 740 Boyz and 2 in a Room.

What does Fulanita de tal mean?

A. N. Other {noun} [idiom] (person) doña fulana de tal (also: don fulano de tal)

Who is so and so?

So and so (or “so & so”), a placeholder name used for someone who is unspecified, unknown or whose name is forgotten. So and so (or “so & so”), a euphemism for an offensive or pejorative term, used in reference to a person or thing regarded as unpleasant or difficult, or whose name is not worthy of mention.

Who is Fulana?

noun. tart [noun] (slang) a prostitute. tramp [noun] (American) a prostitute or a woman who sleeps with a lot of men.

What is the Spanish equivalent for John Doe?

John Doe

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
(AR, coloquial) natalia natalia loc nom m
John Doe n US (hypothetical, typical male) fulano nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.
tipo nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

Is it so or Soo?

As nouns the difference between so and soo is that so is (label) a syllable used in to represent the fifth note of a major scale while soo is sow.

How do you reply to so so?

Be aware that “So-so” will often be interpreted by an anglophone as a euphemism for “not very well, actually”. Unless things are clearly negative, the usual response is the meaningless “Fine, thanks”. If things were really positive, you’d usually get “Great, thanks.”

What is a male Jane Doe?

“John Doe” (for men) and “Jane Doe” (for women) are multiple-use names that are used when the true name of a person is unknown or is being intentionally concealed. In the context of law enforcement in the United States, such names are often used to refer to a corpse whose identity is unknown or unconfirmed.

What is soo mean?


Acronym Definition
SOO Statement Of Objectives
SOO Staff Operations Officer
SOO Site of Origin
SOO Science and Operations Officer

How do you respond to that means a lot?

When someone says, “It means a lot,” it often is because they feel they ought to say something that sounds heartfelt. Or, you could respond to those words by saying softly, “I’m glad.” Whether or not you are.”