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What does the tractor do in cow evolution?

The Tractor is an item that can be bought through the shop. It plows up cow poop and collects coins for you while the app is closed.

What happens if you recreate the universe in cow evolution?

After creating an ultimate being, every time you combine two Bahamoots it will level up by 1. when it reaches level 4 you can recreate the universe. The ultimate being’s poop value increases every level (e.g:level 100k-1 million coins, level 200k-2 million coins and so on until level 4).

How do you get Cowtlas in cow evolution?

Cowtlas can be leveled up by combining two Bahamoots.

How do you upgrade your delivery box in cow evolution?

Further upgrades can be purchased in shop to halve the delivery time to 5 seconds, and as of Update 1.2, to increase the chances of delivering bigger cows in boxes….Crate.

Upgrade Information Cost in shop
Halves cow delivery time to 5 seconds 100.0 Mi
Increase the chance to deliver bigger cows in boxes (Adult Cow) 500.0 Mi

How do you share evolution in cow evolution?

Combine two cows of the same type, and watch a crazy mutation take place. As you merge and combine, mutations will spread like a virus, and your cows will evolve into all types of crazy and funny monsters.

What does the yellow berry do in Unicorn evolution?

Yellow Berries This will give you a permanent boost in the number of coins produced in a second. In addition, every time the goat mutates, you receive a coin boost, which seems to grow the further you progress in the game.

What does the purple berry do in Cat evolution?

This is an almost mandatory upgrade to try evolve World cats with the Purple Berry. Furthermore, the duration of the berry will determine how many Diamonds the Blue Berries will yield. This is an investment that quickly pay for itself. Berry Type adds extra berry bush types.

What can you do with a cow evolution game?

Cow Evolution is a mutation games maker, evolution simulator, idle games, and clicker! You get to play god and combine cows to evolve them, discovering the most curious, exotic, and bizarre forms of cows to ever exist! Merge an Evolution of Mutant Cow Species

How do you evolve cows in clicker game?

– If 2 identical Cows are close enough, you can double tap any of them to evolve. – Evolved Cows will generate more Coins so don’t hold back, keep evolving them! – Cows will automatically generate Coins, but you can also fiercely tap the Cows to make Coins pop from pooping.

Can you get cow evolution on Windows 10?

Cow Evolution is finally available for Windows Phone! Enjoy it and don’t forget to leave us a rating or review. Have fun! Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices. Thanks for reporting your concern.