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What does the CB1000R Black Edition look like?

The CB1000R Black Edition is a standout both when it comes to performance and how it looks. And it hasn’t just been dipped in black paint either—we use special black plating and black anodizing on parts like the front suspension, rear subframe, swingarm-pivot plates, handlebar clamp, the entire exhaust system, and more.

What’s the rider triangle on a Honda CB1000R?

We call it the rider triangle—where your butt hits the seat, where your feet rest on the pegs, and where your hands grip the bar. By opening up the triangle on the CB1000R Black Edition, you sit up a little straighter, which gives you a higher vantage point.

What kind of engine does Honda CB1000R have?

Plus, the slipper design helps mitigate wheel hop during aggressive downshifts and deceleration. The CB1000R Black Edition’s powerful 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine uses an architecture and layout proven on Honda’s Superbikes. Forged (not cast) pistons make it as strong as it is powerful.

What are the specs of a Honda CB1000R?

2018: Revised CB1000R with more power, electronic rider aids, a new chassis, bigger back wheel, new styling and as step up in build quality. CB1000+. Has a quickshifter, heated grips, brushed aluminium front mudguard and rear hugger panels, a fly screen, single seat cowl and radiator grill with CB1000R logo.

What kind of bike is Monti Smith CB1000R?

There’s no question that the CB1000R is more than just a styling exercise, but the “Neo-Sports Café” cues certainly catch attention. Monti Smith Cycle World has a long-standing affinity for the naked sportbike.

When does the new Honda CB1000R come out?

It’s not the naked Blade some might have hoped for but we reckon it’s much better for it. This Honda CB1000R replaces the outgoing model, and was replaced itself in 2021.