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What does Rachid Taha sing about?

Taha became a voice for France’s North African and Middle Eastern immigrants in the 1980s as the leader of the group Carte de Séjour, singing in Arabic about immigration, injustice and racism. (A carte de séjour, or residence permit, is the French equivalent of a green card in the United States.)

What language does Rachid Taha sing in?

Taha was famous for his twists on classic material, from his Arabic-language reworking of The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” to growling, jagged-edged covers of mid-century Middle Eastern love songs.

What nationality is Rachid Taha?

Rachid Taha/Nationality

Where is Rachid from?

Sig, Algeria
Rachid Taha/Place of birth

What does Rachid mean?

rightly guided
Meaning. rightly guided. Other names. Alternative spelling. Rāshid: Raashid, Rachid, Rashed.

How did Rachid Taha died?

Taha died from a heart attack in his sleep on 12 September 2018, six days before his 60th birthday. He is survived by his longtime partner Véronique Pré and their son, Lyes.

How old is Rachid Taha?

59 years (1958–2018)
Rachid Taha/Age at death

Was Rachid Taha married?

Who was Raseed?

Harun al-Rashid

Harun al-Rashid هَارُون الرَشِيد
Predecessor Al-Hadi
Successor Al-Amin
Born 17 March 763 or February 766 Ray, Jibal, Abbasid Caliphate (in present-day Tehran Province, Iran)
Died 24 March 809 (aged 43) Tus, Khorasan, Abbasid Caliphate (in present-day Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran)

Is Rachid Taha dead?

Deceased (1958–2018)
Rachid Taha/Living or Deceased

Did Rachid Taha write Rock the Casbah?

Taha wrote “Rock el Casbah,” an Arabic version of The Clash favorite, in homage to Strummer. Though Taha’s version is clearly Arabic, Taha was so concerned about staying faithful to the original Clash lyrics that he hired an Arabic professor to make sure that the lyrics were exactly as written by The Clash.

How old was Rachid Taha when he died?

Rachid Taha (Arabic: رشيد طه‎ Rashīd Ṭaha; 18 September 1958 – 12 September 2018) was an Algerian singer and activist based in France described as “sonically adventurous”.

What kind of music did Rachid Taha listen to?

This town was the “birthplace of raï” music, and 1958 was a key year in the Algerian struggle for independence against French authority. He began listening to Algerian music in the 1960s, including street-style music called chaabi. Additionally, music from the Maghreb region was part of his upbringing.

What kind of Hat does Rachid Taha wear?

Later, in 2007, Taha-as-an-immigrant was mentioned in France’s National Center of the History of Immigration. When performing live, Taha wore various outfits, including at one point a leather fedora hat, then later a red cowboy hat. The band’s second and last LP entitled Ramsa (Five) was released in 1986.

When did Rachid Taha make made in Medina?

In 2001, Taha released Made in Medina, and a music critic commented that he used a “full and varied instrumental palette” along with “a dizzying vocal facility that transcends whatever style he’s plugged.”. The album was recorded in Paris, New Orleans, and London with input from the American jam band Galactic.