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What does Official Plan designation mean?

An official plan describes your upper, lower or single tier municipal council or planning board’s policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from your community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

Is an Official Plan a Law?

Official Plans are not statutes and should not be construed as such […] Official Plans set out the present policy of the community concerning its future physical, social and economic development […]

What is the purpose of an Official Plan?

An official plan describes your upper, lower or single– tier municipal council’s policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from you and others in your community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

What is an Official Plan review?

An Official Plan is a legal document containing goals, objectives and policies to guide land use, development and growth in a municipality. The Official Plan guides and directs changes to the physical nature of the municipality.

How often is an Official Plan reviewed?

every five years
An approved official plan can be reviewed at any time, but each local council is required to revise its official plan not less than every five years from the date the plan came into effect.

What is a municipal comprehensive review?

A Municipal Comprehensive Review, or MCR, is the technical process behind creating a new Official Plan. The information obtained from the MCR helps us determine our need for lands that will be dedicated to things like housing, employment, schools, greenspace and more.

What is inclusionary zoning Toronto?

The amount of affordable housing required would vary depending on the area of the city, with the highest requirements in the Downtown. Toronto’s proposed Inclusionary Zoning framework proposes foundational requirements for affordable housing in new development that will ensure affordability is maintained for 99 years.

What is inclusionary zoning Ontario?

Inclusionary zoning is a land-use planning tool which permits municipalities to require new development or redevelopment to dedicate or maintain a portion of new residential units as affordable housing.

What is inclusionary zoning DC?

DC’s inclusionary zoning program helps city residents rent and buy places to live when they can’t afford market-rate prices. DC’s Zoning Commission designates inclusionary zones, and the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development manages the lottery process for households to move into affordable units.

What is a protected major transit station area?

Protected Major Transit Station Areas (PMTSAs) Major Transit Station Areas (MTSAs) are lands within an approximately 500-800 metre radius of a transit station or stop. They are intended for high density, mixed-use development with access to amenities, housing and jobs.

What is an IZ unit in DC?

The Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) programs of the District of Columbia allows income eligible households to purchase or rent housing at below market prices.

What is a IZ certificate?

The Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Program requires that most new (and some renovated) residential developments include some affordable homes. IZ homes are apartments for rent or condos/townhomes for sale.

What is the township of Asphodel Norwood responsible for?

The Township of Asphodel-Norwood advises that The County of Peterborough Planning Department is responsible for the following: One of the most important responsibilities municipalities have is land use planning.

How to contact Asphodel-Norwood Animal Services Community Recognition Awards?

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What does the township asset naming policy do?

The Township Asset Naming Policy establishes the processes and criteria for naming, renaming or dedicating Township assets such as streets, parks and facilities as well as major elements of such Township assets, including the methods by which the public may provide suggestions and comments. What is Pre-consultation?