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What does Monoi de Tahiti smell like?

It is very warm and musky. Floral and earthy at the same time. And when it blends in with your natural body scent, it smells even more amazing.

What is Tipanie?

The Tipanie flower is called Plumeria and Frangipani on other parts of the world. Its fragrance is lush and complex with a unique velvety soft floral aroma. The plumeria flower and Plumeria lei is the most common and well known throughout Polynesia, making this flower fragrance the most recognizable of all.

What kind of flower is Monoi?

Tahitian for “scented oil,” monoi is a fragrant elixir that is made by steeping the petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiare flowers) in coconut oil. While only recently building buzz in beauty circles, this hot ingredient has been a South Pacific beauty staple for centuries.

Is monoi another name for plumeria?

Monoi, in Tahitian, means “scented oil”. Tipanie is plumeria or frangipani. They add the fragrance of plumeria to the monoi oil.

How do you use Monoi Tiki Tahiti?

As a body moisturizer, use monoi oil as you would coconut oil, and massage it into your skin daily. You can use the oil by itself or add it to your favorite moisturizer for an added effect. You can even add the oil to your bath to increase the hydration of your skin.

What is another name for Plumeria?

Its common names include frangipani, red paucipan, red-jasmine, red frangipani, common frangipani, temple tree, or simply plumeria.

What is another name for plumeria?

How do you keep plumerias blooming?

After all chance of frost has passed, acclimate the plumeria by putting it outside in dappled or part shade and then slowly move it into a full-sun location. Plumeria plants bloom best when they receive at least six hours of sunlight daily. Take it indoors when the days grow shorter and cool below 65 to 70 degrees.