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What does it mean if there is no God?

Less broadly, atheism is a rejection of the belief that any deities exist. In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Atheism is contrasted with theism, which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.

Who say there is no God?

Stephen Hawking: There’s no God; no one directs our fate, says Stephen Hawking in final book – The Economic Times.

Can a religion have no God?

Nontheism has been applied and plays significant roles in progressivism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. While many approaches to religion exclude nontheism by definition, some inclusive definitions of religion show how religious practice and belief do not depend on the presence of (a) god(s).

When there is no God everything is permitted?

Although the statement “If there is no God, everything is permitted” is widely attributed to Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov (Sartre was the first to do so in his Being and Nothingness), he simply never said it.

What religion has no founder?

Today, with about 900 million followers, Hinduism is the third-largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. Roughly 95 percent of the world’s Hindus live in India. Because the religion has no specific founder, it’s difficult to trace its origins and history.

Why do some people believe that there is no God?

There are a lot of skeptics who believe God does not exist and with good reason. There are a lot of reasons people don’t believe in god and maybe these reasons will help you make up your own mind. #1. Evolution Has A Better Explanation. People believe that evolution and not God made the world what it is today.

How to prove that God doesn’t exist?

Part 2 of 4: Drawing on Cultural Evidence to Argue that God Doesn’t Exist Argue that belief in God is socially determined. There are several variations on this idea. Explain that just because most people believe in God, it is not necessarily true. One common reason for belief in God is that most people believe it. Explore the variety of religious belief. Demonstrate the contradictions within religious texts.

What if God did not exist?

If God does not exist, then you are just a miscarriage of nature, thrust into a purposeless universe to live a purposeless life. So if God does not exist, that means that man and the universe exist to no purpose-since the end of everything is death-and that they came to be for no purpose, since they are only blind products of chance.

Is there a real God?

But the Holy Scriptures teach that there is only one true God. He is unique, supreme, and eternal. He created everything in heaven and on earth, and he gave us life. Therefore, he alone is worthy of our worship. God has many titles but only one personal name​-JEHOVAH.