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What does Ho-Chunk Inc do?

Ho-Chunk, Inc. operates over 30 subsidiaries in a diverse range of industries including information technology, construction, government contracting, real estate development, professional services, wholesale distribution, office products and technology, logistics, marketing, media and retail.

What are the Ho-Chunk clans?

The Ho-Chunk Nation is comprised of twelve clans, or family groups, in two distinct moieties — Those-who-are above (Thunder, Warrior, Eagle and Pigeon), and Those-who-are-on-earth (Bear, Buffalo, Deer, Wolf, Elk, Fish, Water Spirit, and Snake) — each with distinct responsibilities such as judicial matters, health and …

What did the Ho-Chunk believe in?

Ho-Chunk religious belief was largely an individual matter, and “correct ways of living” included specific personal and group rituals and taboos which were related to clan membership, personal vision quests, and life events such as birth and death.

Who owns Ho-Chunk?

Ho-Chunk, Inc. is the award-winning economic development corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Established in 1994 in Winnebago, Nebraska with one employee, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has grown to over 1,000 employees.

Is a Winnebago an RV?

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is an American manufacturer of motorhomes, a type of recreational vehicle (RV), in the United States.

Where do Ho chunks live?

Where do the Ho-chunks live? The Hochunks are original residents of the Great Lakes area, particularly Wisconsin and Illinois. Many Hochunk people still live in Wisconsin today. Others were forced to move westward by the US government, and most of their descendents live in Nebraska today.

Where did the Ho Chunk tribe come from?

Ho-Chunk Nation. The Ho-Chunk are one of two of the First Nations of Wisconsin with an oral history that places their origin in Wisconsin at Móogašuc, or the Red Banks. In their oral history, the Red Banks is the first Ho-Chunk village near what is now Green Bay, WI. The Ho-Chunk Nation’s ten million acres of ancestral land,…

What kind of language does the Ho Chunk speak?

The Ho-Chunk speak a Siouan language, which they believe to be given to them by their creator, Mą’ųna (Earthmaker). Their native name is Ho-Chunk (or Hoocạk), which has been variously translated as “sacred voice” or “People of the Big Voice,” meaning mother tongue, as in they originated the Siouan language family.

What did Ho Chunk Inc do for Nebraska?

Ho-Chunk, Inc. successfully advanced constitutional reform in the state of Nebraska, and remains a leading voice on Native issues at the national level. As a people, we have always been resilient by working together.

Where is the Ho Chunk Nation in Wisconsin?

The Ho-Chunk Nation’s ten million acres of ancestral land, between the Mississippi and Rock Rivers, were recognized in treaties between the United States and the Ho-Chunk Nation. Today, the Ho-Chunk Nation government is located in Black River Falls, WI.