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What does discernible effect mean?

Discernible means noticeable. If your extra hours training are having no discernible influence on your basketball game, it means your game has not changed. You can use discernible in two senses.

What is the meaning discernible?

Discernible means able to be recognized, identified, or distinguished. If two things are described as discernible, it means they can be told apart.

How do you use discernible?

Discernible in a Sentence 🔉

  1. It was discernible to everyone that the homeless man did not belong at the luxury hotel.
  2. High gas prices are expected to have a discernible effect on the number of road trips taken this summer.
  3. Even though Jane used makeup to cover the bruises on her face, the marks were discernible to me.

What does barely discernible mean?

Able to be discerned; perceptible. ‘the scandal had no discernible effect on his career’ ‘the inscription was barely discernible’

Is Discernibility a word?

The state or quality of being discernible.

What does discernible mean in medical terms?

: able to be perceived by a sense (such as sight or smell) or by the mind : capable of being discerned a discernible difference It is thought that the genes that normally produce a white underbelly in the gray squirrel are active in a wider area of their bodies, often leaving discernible gray patches on the spine and …

What is discernible specific?

What is discernible used in a sentence?

capable of being seen or noticed. (1) The difference between the two is readily discernible. (2) Her face was barely discernible in the gloom. (3) His face was barely discernible in the gloom.

Is Undiscernible a word?

Archaic spelling of indiscernible.

What is the synonym of discernible?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for discernible, like: unrecognizable, detectable, indistinct, perceptible, perceivable, comprehensible, distinguishable, discernable, indiscernible, observable and obvious.

What is a discernible pattern?

the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist. considering the moon to have human features.