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What does CAT 740 weigh?

Operating Weights

Center Axle – Empty 14636 lb 6639 kg
Total – Empty 71377 lb 32376 kg
Center Axle – Loaded 51088 lb 23173 kg
Front Axle – Loaded 49723 lb 22554 kg
Total – Rated Load 80027 lb 36300 kg

How much dirt does a CAT 740 hold?

Caterpillar stretched its 740 articulated dump truck to 43.5 tons, the biggest payload among 40-ton-class ADTs. The body accommodates 31.4 cubic yards.

How much does a CAT 725 weight?


Center Axle – empty 10648.4 lbs (4,830 kg)
Operating Weight 97880 lbs (44,398 kg)
Rear Axle – empty 49075 lbs (22,260 kg)
Rear Axle – loaded 33510.3 lbs (15,200 kg)
Total Empty 49075 lbs (22,260 kg)

How much does a Volvo a40g weigh?

151,898 lbs
Technical specifications for A40G

Payload capacity 43 sh tn
Body volume, SAE 2:1 heap 31.4 yd³
Net weight 65,918 lbs
Gross weight 151,898 lbs
Engine Volvo D13J

How much does a Volvo a30d weigh?


Front Axle – empty 27557.8 lbs (12,500 kg)
Rear Axle – empty 23280.9 lbs (10,560 kg)
Rear Axle – loaded 79520.8 lbs (36,070 kg)
Total Empty 61729.5 lbs (28,000 kg)
Total Loaded 112568.1 lbs (51,061 kg)

What is a Cat 725c?

This Caterpillar articulated dump truck belongs to the medium sized machine segment in the articulated dump trucks category. The Caterpillar 725 C has been equipped and sold with Aircondition, Central lubrication and Bin heating.

What is an articulated haul truck?

Compared to the rigid dump truck, the articulated dump/tipper truck can handle rough and unruly terrain and weather, along with lower ceiling heights, restricted turning radiuses and narrow roads. This dump truck’s cab and rear dump meet at an articulation point that is situated directly behind the cab.

How much does a cat rock truck cost?

Beyond the 797’s cost of $3.4 million, mine operators need to make serious infrastructure changes to accommodate it.

How much does a Volvo A40G cost?

What is the cost of a Volvo A40G? In the United States a used Volvo A40G articulated hauler is typically priced between $225,000 and $342,000. Variation in price can be due to a number of factors including age, condition, location, and specifications.

What are the model names in Volvo articulated hauler range?

Volvo’s new G-Series articulated dump trucks – the A25G, A30G, A35G, A35G FS, A40G and A40G FS – get new turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines redesigned to adhere to stringent Tier 4 Final/ Stage IV emissions regulations.

What are the features of a Volvo a40g?

(PDF, 5MB) More specifications and competitor comparison With innovative features including Volvo’s telematics system, revolutionary On Board Weighing technology and diagnostic tools, the A40G articulated truck offers machine owners, operators and service technicians access to a wealth of data that will improve productivity and save money.

What are the features of the cat 740 GC?

The Cat® 740 GC features a world-class cab design, re-engineered using global operator feedback to advance comfort and ease of operation. Enhancements include new controls, transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, advanced automatic traction control system, stability-assist machine rollover warning system, and a fuel saving ECO mode.

What is the function of a diris A40?

Function DIRIS A40 are panel mounted measurement units which ensure the user has access to all the measurements required for successfully carrying out energy efficiency projects and ensuring the electrical distribution is monitored. All this information can be analyzed remotely using the software solution.