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What does a flight dispatch do?

An aircraft dispatcher is employed by an airline and is heavily involved in the pre-planning of flights to ensure the safety of the trip. They review the plane’s crew, monitor the plane in-flight, and focus on maximizing efficiency. An aircraft dispatcher will also do a great deal of research on the weather conditions.

Who is a flight dispatcher in Nigeria?

They are employed by airlines to set up scheduling and flight plans for various aircraft using a variety of criteria, and must ensure that each flight crew has a safe and efficient plan to get from one airport facility to another.

Does a flight dispatcher need a medical?

No medical for Aircraft Dispatcher. But because it’s a safety position there are random drug tests and drug tests if your flight has a safety incident. Worked 25 years as a Flight Dispatcher.

Is flight dispatcher a pilot?

Dispatchers, who work from the airline’s operations center, are trained in similar skills as pilots but without the flight training. They carefully monitor weather or other conditions that could affect the flight.

How much is a dispatcher salary?

How Much Do Dispatcher Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $48,000 $23
75th Percentile $40,000 $19
Average $34,902 $17
25th Percentile $28,000 $13

How much do cabin crew earn in Nigeria?

Salary of Air Hostesses in Nigeria Generally, Air hostesses in Nigeria get paid between N100,000 and N300,000 monthly and this is based on the airline they work for. The figure quoted however, does not include allowances and bonuses which could see the salary to vary slightly.

What are the requirements to become a flight dispatcher?


Qualification Age Information
12th Standard or Any graduate from a recognized university 18 years onwards Flight Dispatcher: DGCA Required 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics. To get an FD license: Should require a minimum of 2 years experience with an Airline operator to recommend you to write the DGCA exams

What do aircraft dispatchers do for their pilots?

Dispatchers have to tell their pilots navigation information and relay flight plan guidelines in order to ensure safe travels. Operational decisions often come straight from a dispatcher who has to let their pilots know of any safety hazards or changes that can come up without warning.

Can a flight crew fly without an aircraft dispatcher?

While this is true, a flight crew cannot fly without the help of a team of people on the ground. An aircraft dispatcher makes airline operations work and ensures that both pilots and their passengers are able to travel safely to their destination.

How much money does a flight dispatcher make?

Entry level flight dispatchers earn between $42,000 – $60,000 with $110,000+ top end annual salary.

What is the signature of a flight dispatcher?

The dispatcher’s signature, along with that of the pilot, releases the aircraft for flight.