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What does 91Y mean on tire?

Y speed rating Y speed rated tires have been tested at speeds up to, and in excess of, 186 mph (300 km/h) under optimal conditions.

Is W speed rating better than V?

For tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 240 km/h (149 mph), a “ZR” may appear in the size designation. Tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 300 km/h (186 mph), require a “ZR” in the size designation….Tire Speed Rating Chart.

V 240 149
W 270 168
Y 300 186

What is the difference between V and W rated tires?

This means that a tire with a V-rating, for example, can be driven at 149 miles per hour until it wears out! Less frequently seen ratings are Q 99 mph and R 106 mph- used in some light truck tires. The W rating replaced what was once Z, which was anything above 149 at the time, and is now limited to 168 mph.

What is 91V and 91h?

It indicates the maximum speed of the tyre. V tyres have a top speed of approximately 149 mph (240 km/h) and H tyres, approximately 130 mph (210 km/h).

Can you mix V and W rated tires?

Just remember, never mix and match tires with different speed ratings on your vehicle. This will cause major problems with the handling of your vehicle. If tires of different speed ratings are mounted on a vehicle, the lower speed-rated tires should be placed on the front axle, regardless of which axle is driven.

Should I get H or V-rated tires?

To support running at higher speeds, V-rated tires will have a stiffer sidewall and slightly firmer ride than H-rated tires. For normal driving conditions the H-rated tire will provide a more comfortable ride and the V-rated should give slightly better handling.

Can I use V-rated tires instead of H?

What is 91H tire rating?

The 91H and 91T refer to the tire Load bearing index and speed rating of the tire. (Load Index 91 refers to 1356 Pounds or 615 Kilograms). The H and T refer to the speed rating of the tire. Max Speed for T is 118 mph or 190 km/h (For Family Sedans & Vans) Max Speed for H is 130 mph or 210 km/h (Sport Sedans & Coupes).