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What does 14 hands mean in wine?

14 Hands wines are available nationally and exported to more than 25 countries. “The name 14 Hands comes from the wild horses that once roamed eastern Washington, where our grapes are grown today. These were small horses, only about 14 hands high, and known for their strength and tenacity,” she said.

Is 14 hands a sweet wine?

The wine tastes smooth, fruity and quite good. Plenty of sweet baking spice carries over from the nose along with a little vanilla and some added licorice. It’s not overly complex, but boy is it tasty. Like a lot of red blends these days this one is slightly sweet but it doesn’t go overboard.

Why did 14 hands change their label?

14 Hands Winery is inspired by the untamed spirit of the wild horses that once freely roamed eastern Washington. In this change, the labels for 750mL bottles have transformed from the original artwork of painted horses to black and white stylized photography of real wild horses, offering a great new look.

Is 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon dry?

Taste of the 14 Hands Cabernet was a bit complex. The immediate taste was of smooth juice with no strong burst of flavor. That was immediately followed by subtle black cherry and the advertised mocha flavors. The wine is not dry at all, perhaps due to the blending.

Is 14 Hands wine any good?

Overall impression: While imperfect, 14 Hands is a solid wine brand and a nice option for affordable classic wines and blends. If you want the very best 14 Hands has to offer, stick to wines that include a complex balance of acidity, tannins, fruit, and spices or warm notes.

Is 14 Hands red wine sweet?

The 14 Hands Seasonal Sweet Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich, juicy red wine that offers aromas of cranberry preserves and a sliver of fresh magnolia blossom.

Is 14 Hands a dry wine?

The 14 Hands Seasonal Dry Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich, juicy red that features aromas of dark fruit, eucalyptus, and vanilla with subtle hints of baking spice. These flavors are complemented by a touch of oak and emphasized by the velvety tannins.

Is 14 Hands Cabernet a good wine?

What does 14 Hands taste like?

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas and flavors of blueberry and black currant complemented by notes of savory herbs, mocha and spice. Aromas and flavors of blueberry and black currant complemented by notes of savory herbs, mocha and spice. This medium-bodied wine has a soft mouthfeel and a long, fruit-forward finish.

Is 14 Hands good merlot?

This juicy Merlot from 14 Hands brings exhilarating flavors of blackberry and cherry, balanced by soft and supple mocha notes. It’s an open invitation that never disappoints. For the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal, reach for a bottle of 14 Hands Merlot red wine.