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What did Charles de Gaulle say in his speech?

“This war is not limited to the unfortunate territory of our country. This war is not finished by the battle of France. This war is a world wide war. All the faults, all the delays, all the suffering, do not prevent there to be, in the world, all the necessary means to one day crush our enemies.

What happened on June 18 1940 in France?

At 10pm on 18 June 1940, General Charles de Gaulle broadcast to German occupied France, and rallied the French Resistance to him in London.

How did Charles de Gaulle come to London in June 1940?

Charles de Gaulle, a junior minister in a collapsing government and a relatively junior general in an army that was ceasing to exist, landed at Heston airport after a gruelling and perilous flight from Bordeaux, on Monday 17 June 1940.

Where did Charles de Gaulle give his speech?

“Vive le Québec libre!” (French: [vivᵊ ləkebɛk ˈlibʁᵊ], ‘Long live free Quebec!’) was a phrase in a speech delivered by President Charles de Gaulle of France on July 24, 1967, during an official visit to Canada under the pretext of attending Expo 67 in Montreal, Quebec.

Was Charles de Gaulle a good leader?

In 1958, with widening economic problems and a bitter dispute over Algerian independence, France once again called on de Gaulle to lead. Appointed as the premier, he was given great authority, and history has credited him with improving the economy and solving the Algerian crisis.

How tall is Gaulle?

6′ 5″
Charles de Gaulle/Height

What did the German army do in June of 1940?

June 8, 1940 (Saturday) The Germans executed the naval offensive in Norway codenamed Operation Juno. Operation Alphabet ended with the completion of the Allied evacuation from Norway.

How did Charles de Gaulle contribute to ww2?

Charles de Gaulle led the Free French forces in resisting capitulation to Germany during World War II and became provisional president of France in the immediate aftermath of the war. Later he was an architect of the Fifth Republic and was president from 1958 to 1969.

What was Charles de Gaulle role in ww2?