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What determines your rank in clan wars?

War map rank is determined by overall defense. Once a match is found, players are sorted on the map from strongest to weakest, in terms of defence power of their base, i.e., defense levels, hero levels, traps, etc.

How does clash of clans rank war order?

How are war bases ordered in the war map? The bases are ordered from highest to lowest strength. The highest strength war bases are at the top of the war map. Trophies, attacking strengths and base layouts have no influence on the order of bases.

How is COC destruction calculated?

Clan War damage is determined by the aggregate total of the percentage scored divided by the total possible combined percentage. For example, in the 30 vs 30 war, a clan with destruction totaling 2,700% across all war bases would have total destruction of 90% (since the maximum possible total is 3,000%).

How is war win bonus calculated?

War Wins Mean Big Bonuses! Every base has a unique War Win Bonus. That bonus is the loot you’ll get if you get at least one star and your Clan wins the war! At the end of Battle Day, you’ll get the full War Win Bonus for a victory, 40% for a draw and 30% for a loss.

How does COC matchmaking work?

Clans are matched up based on the overall strength of its members. Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (troops, army camp capacity and spells) and defensive power (defense buildings, walls and traps). Heroes constitute towards a player’s offensive and defensive power.

What happens when both clans get a perfect war?

Both clans having the same stars before the tiebreaker would cause a draw. After this update, whichever clan has the highest percentile of destruction in their clan best attack wins the war. In short, it’s not based on average destruction, it’s based on each clans’ best attacks.

Do you get war win bonus if you lose?

When you win a war, you receive the full war loot bonus. When you draw a war, you receive 4/7ths of the full war loot bonus. When you lose a war, you receive 3/7ths of the full war loot bonus.

Is clan war league always 15v15?

By default, all Clan members are in the roster for Clan War Leagues. The roster represents the pool of players who can participate in the Wars of the Season and gain rewards. Each Season Clans can choose from two war sizes: 15vs15 and 30vs30.