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What cities are at 41 degrees north?

What cities are 41 degrees north?

  • Water Tower. Rome, Italy — Italy’s “Eternal City” is one of the world’s most historic and interesting places.
  • Piazza Tritona.
  • Sagrada Familia.
  • Blue Mosque.

Where is 41 degrees north 87 degrees west?

Chicago, IL, USA Lat Long Coordinates Info

Country United States
DMS Lat 41° 52′ 54.5952” N
DMS Long 87° 37′ 23.4372” W
UTM Easting 448,294.48
UTM Northing 4,636,844.03

What major United States city is near 41 degrees north 74 degrees west?

18-Feb-2001 — The meridians of 41 North Latitude, 74 degrees West Longitude intersect in my hometown of Old Tappan, New Jersey….


Where is the 41 st parallel?

The 41st parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 41 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean.

What countries are 41 latitude?

Around the world

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea
41°0′N 77°30′E Kyrgyzstan
41°0′N 77°35′E People’s Republic of China
41°0′N 126°5′E North Korea
41°0′N 129°43′E Sea of Japan

What latitude is St Louis?

38.6270° N, 90.1994° W
St. Louis/Coordinates

What is the longitude of NYC?

40.7128° N, 74.0060° W
New York/Coordinates

What city is 56 North 38 East?

What city is 25n 55e?

Name : 25n 55e
State : Dubai
District : NA
Locality : Dubai
Sub-Locality : Mina Jebel Ali

How do you find coordinates on iPhone?

To view your current CPS coordinates, launch the Maps app, tap the location arrow in the upper right corner of the screen, and then tap on the blue dot, which represents your location. Swipe up on the screen and you should see your GPS coordinates.

Where does the 41° north parallel pass through?

It crosses Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean . At this latitude the sun is visible for 15 hours, 8 minutes during the summer solstice and 9 hours, 13 minutes during the winter solstice. Starting at the prime meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 41° north passes through:

What are the degrees of longitude and latitude?

The degree of the angle is between -90° and 90°. longitude and latitude coordinates are usually expressed in degrees and minutes. Every location consists of a latitude and longitude which is like an unique address for each point. By giving the latitude and longitude, we can track down exactly where someone is located.

What was the purpose of the 41st parallel?

The 41st parallel was also one of the principal baselines used for surveying a portion of lands in Ohio. This marked the southern boundary of the Connecticut Western Reserve and the Firelands using the western boundary with Pennsylvania as the principal meridian.

What was the distance from Daunts Rock to local apparent noon?

The reported distance traveled from Daunt’s Rock to local apparent noon (LAN) on April 14, 1912, was 1549 nautical miles. 12 The remaining distance from noon to the corner was about 126 nautical miles. This comes about by two independent methods.