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What CC is a Yamaha MT-03?

659 cc

Engine 659 cc (40.2 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single-cylinder
Fuel capacity 15 L (3.3 imp gal; 4.0 US gal)
Oil capacity 5 L (5.3 US qt)
Turning radius 2,225 mm (87.6 in)
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How much horsepower does a MT-03 have?

37.1 hp @
2020 Yamaha MT-03 Specs

MSRP: $4,599
Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/chain
Cycle World Measured Horsepower: 37.1 hp @ 10,590 rpm
Cycle World Measured Torque: 20.2 lb.-ft. @ 9,010 rpm

How fast does a 321 cc motorcycle go?

Yamaha YZF-R3

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Engine 321 cc (19.6 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve DOHC 180° inline-twin
Bore / stroke 68.0 mm × 44.1 mm (2.68 in × 1.74 in)
Compression ratio 11.2:1
Top speed 180 km/h (110 mph) (Estimated) 166 km/h (103 mph)

How fast can the MT 03 go?

Top Speed: 112 mph (Est.)

Is MT 03 comfortable?

From an ergonomic standpoint, the MT-03 is a big win — if you’re not 6-foot-4. A low seat height of 30.7 inches means that even smaller riders should be able to put a foot flat on the ground at a stop — a real confidence-builder, especially with new riders.

What is Yamaha MT 03 top speed?

Is the Yamaha MT 03 a good bike?

Ideally an urban/commuter tool, the Yamaha MT-03 gives you more than enough fun if you want some bendy weekend scratching too. Handling is superb but just a little more horsepower would’ve really broadened the Yamaha MT-03’s appeal.

How much does a MT-03 bike cost?

The sweet spot to buy a really lovely MT-03 with a low mileage in the 10,000 area is between £2500 and £3000. There are a few bikes out there that are priced at over £3000, but realistically you shouldn’t have to pay over this mark for a nice MT-03, even from a dealer.

What kind of disc brakes does a Yamaha MT-03 have?

The MT-03 is equipped with a 22.6″ long asymmetrical swingarm that provides a planted ride during braking, cornering and acceleration. The 298mm floating-mount front disc brake ensures excellent stopping power, supported by a 220mm rear disc.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha MT have?

Like its concept bike, the production MT came with an XT660 engine and this gave it a thumping 45bhp with 41ftlb of torque. While this may not have sounded that impressive on paper, the bike’s light weight saw it tip the scales at just 175kg while its modern styling was also very cool. Under seat pipes, aggressive naked looks, the MT had it all.