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What can you load with Winchester 748 powder?

223 Remington cartridges
Winchester 748 is a ball powder and the choice for loading 223 Remington cartridges. The low-flame temperature extends barrel life compared to other similar speed powder.

Can you use Magnum primers instead of large rifle primers?

I would guess that you’ll be fine, but if you notice excessive pressure signs early on… well, stop. I’ve seen pressure go higher using mag primers, but I’ve seen it lower just as many times too, and very often I’ve seen it simply remain the same…

Are Winchester small rifle primers Magnum?

Winchester® Magnum Small Pistol Primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition. These magnum pistol primers are non-corrosive, and maintain stability in extremes of temperature and humidity in both loaded ammunition or in storage.

Can you use Magnum primers in 38 special?

Super Moderator. I’ve used small pistol magnum primers to prepare . 38 Special ammunition for range use in a pinch when that was all that was on hand. The powder charge weights were well under published maximums and the handloaded ammunition gave normal performance.

Who makes 748 powder?

Winchester 748
Winchester 748 Smokeless Powder | Powder Valley.

Does 308 take large or small rifle primers?

Plus, some of the most savvy handloaders and shooters in the world—Palma competitors—regularly choose Small Rifle primer pockets in the . 308, which has about seven percent greater propellant capacity than the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Does federal make a small rifle magnum primer?

Federal Gold Medal GM205M Small Magnum Rifle Primers.

Can you use CCI 550 primers for 38 Special?

38 Special’s pressure and still not match the max pressure of a . 357 Magnum. If your original load is within standard . 38 Special pressures using a CCI-550 primer won’t even elevate that load to +P pressures.

What is the difference between a 38 Special and a 357 magnum?

38 Special and the . 357 Magnum, the only clear difference is the length. 38 Special case length is roughly 1.15 inches, while . 357 Magnum is 1.29 inches.

Do you need magnum primer for Ball Powder?

Some manuals recommend magnum primers as a matter of course (as ball powders are usually harder to ignite).

Where does win 748 Ball Powder come from?

One tip now that you have 8lb of W748 is to look at Hodgdon BL-C (2) data as well as that listed under the powder’s own name. Both powders are different production lots of the same product / powder grade made by the former Olin Industries, now St. Marks Powder Co. plant in St. Marks Florida.

Which is cleaner the Winchester 748 or the Hodgdon line?

I found that 748 is cleaner than the Hodgdon line. I think this is because the H335, Ball c, Ball c2, H380, and H414 all started as military surpluse that Hodgdon bought from the gov’t. 748 is at least the third generation of ball powder which Winchester produced and they made it cleaner.

Which is better win 748 or Hodgdon line?

748 will work very good if you remember what has been said, all good advise. I found that 748 is cleaner than the Hodgdon line.