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What are tram lines?

A tramline (also spelled: tram line) most commonly refers to the tracks and overhead wires used by trams, or a route in a tram network. Tramline or Tramlines may also refer to: Tramway track, the tracks on which a tram runs. Lines on a tennis court.

What are tramline patterns?

(redirected from Tramline Pattern) A descriptive term for parallel, curved lines, radiopacities or radiolucencies of varying length.

What voltage do trams run on?

DC voltages between 600 V and 800 V are used by most tramways (streetcars), trolleybus networks and underground (subway) systems as the traction motors accept this voltage without the weight of an on-board transformer.

What does tram track appearance mean?

A descriptive term for parallel, curved lines, radiopacities or radiolucencies of varying length. Bone A descriptor for the split cortical thickening with parallel neo-osteogenesis or endosteal splitting, seen in infarctions of long bones in sickle cell anaemia.

What is tram tracking?

Pulmonology. When found in the lungs, tram tracks are radiologic signs that are usually accompanied by pulmonary edema in cases of congestive heart failure and bronchiectasis. Tram tracks are caused by bronchial wall thickening, and can be detected on a lateral chest X-ray.

Do trams run on AC or DC?

Why is the third rail electrified?

Third-rail systems are a means of providing electric traction power to trains using an additional rail (called a “conductor rail”) for the purpose. The running rails are electrically connected using wire bonds or other devices, to minimise resistance in the electric circuit.

How steep can trams climb?

I like it because it reminds me of the number of times I have been told in all seriousness by certified professional engineers that a tram – streetcar – light rail vehicle – whatever you want to call it, cannot possibly climb a hill steeper than 6%.

How many passengers can a tram carry?

An articulated tram may be low-floor variety or high (regular) floor variety. Newer model trams may be up to 72 metres (236 ft) long and carry 510 passengers at a comfortable 4 passengers/m2.

Is tram a train?

Although trams are also rail-based modes of transport, trams are designed to travel shorter distances on public city and urban streets, sharing the road with other vehicles. Trains consist of a series of vehicles or coaches which are coupled together and drawn by a locomotive.

What is tram track calcification?

The tram-track sign is produced by cortical calcifications that result from leptomeningeal vascular malformations found in patients with Sturge-Weber syndrome. The malformations consist of simple vascular structures situated along the space between the pia mater and the arachnoid membrane.