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What are the weight classes in college wrestling?

This is especially true for men’s wrestling, where 14 high school weight classes dwindle down to the 10 college wrestling weight classes established by the NCAA: 125, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197 and heavyweight (183 to 285).

Who won the 125 pound NCAA wrestling?

Spencer Lee
Iowa’s Spencer Lee secured his third straight 125-pound championship title. Penn State’s Roman Bravo-Young (133), Nick Lee (141), Carter Starocci (174) and Aaron Brooks (184) each won, marking the third time Cael Sanderson coached the Nittany Lions to four or more championships in one year.

What is the max weight for college wrestling?

Also, there is a 235 lb weight class, which only the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, the organization that governs college wrestling for institutions outside the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, currently allows that ranges from 174 lb to 235 lb.

Do college wrestlers get a weight allowance?

No weight allowance is given for dual meets conducted on consecutive days. When junior varsity competition is held before varsity competition, the varsity contestants shall weigh-in one hour before the scheduled start of the varsity competition.

What happened to Spencer Lee knee?

He said last week that he re-tore his right ACL during the 2019 NCAA finals, where he beat Virginia’s Jack Mueller, 5-0, then tore his left during the 2021 Big Ten finals, where he beat Purdue’s Devin Schroder, 21-3. “Two national titles without ACLs,” Lee, the 2020 Hodge Trophy winner, said last week.

How strong is Spencer Lee?

He’s a 2,000-point scorer, but no college wrestler has scored points like Lee … ever. The 22-year old is among the heavy individual favorites in St. Louis this week, the 1-seed at 125 pounds with a 7-0 record.

What is the average weight for a wrestler?

Weight Related Except for 113 pounds, wrestler count by minimum weight class (MWC) is relatively flat from 106 to 145 pounds and then declines steeply from 152 to 285 pounds. At certification, average body fat percentage ramps from 14.3% at 106 to 23.4% at 220 and then declines a bit for 285.

Are college wrestling mats bigger than high school?

The minimum size of a High School competition mat is 38′ x 38′ with a minimum of 5′ protection area around the wrestling circle. The minimum size of a collegiate competition mat is 42′ x 42′ with a 5′ protection area.

How long are wrestling matches?

seven minutes
Match structure: A wrestling match, called a bout, is seven minutes long. The first period lasts three minutes, and the second and third periods each last two minutes. The first period begins with both wrestlers on their feet in what’s known as the neutral position.

How tall are Olympic wrestlers?

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Age (years) height (m)
AVERAGE (all sports) 26.8 1.77
Wrestling (all) 27.1 1.72
Wrestling (females) 26.1 1.65
Wrestling (males) 27.5 1.76