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What are the specs of the Motorola Moto X?

The Motorola Moto X runs Android 4.2 and is powered by a 2200mAh non-removable battery. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Motorola Moto X on the rear packs 10-megapixel camera. It sports a 2-megapixel camera on the front for selfies. Motorola Moto X based on Android 4.2 and packs 16GB of inbuilt storage.

How much does a Motorola Moto X cost in India?

Motorola Moto X Full Specifications Brand Motorola Model Moto X Price in India ₹4,599 Release date August 2013 Form factor Touchscreen

Is the Moto X 1st generation a good phone?

Moto X (1st generation) The Moto X was met with mostly positive reviews, with particular praise towards its hardware design, Motorola’s new approach to customizing Android, along with its suite of contextual features, and the influence of its “mainstream” targeting on its overall performance, user experience, and battery life.

What’s the latest version of Android for Moto X?

Beginning in March 2015, Motorola rolled out an update to Android 5.0.2 “Lollipop” for the first generation Moto X, followed by Android 5.1.

Motorola Moto X Released 2013, August. 130g, 10.4mm thickness 0.4% 16,172,169 hits 629 Become a fan 4.7″ 720×1280 pixels 10MP 1080p 2GB RAM Snapdragon S4 Pro 2200mAh Li-Ion

How does the Moto X fit in your hand?

When you pick it up, Moto X is curved to fit in your hand. Twist your wrist twice and it becomes your camera and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss. Moto X is the first smartphone to be designed and assembled in the USA. *SIM Card not included The Moto X in black ( view larger ).

Is the Moto X for at & T a good phone?

The first expression of the new Motorola, the Moto X for AT is the first smartphone to meet your desire for responsiveness with the best delivery of Google services. It’s faster because it hears your voice and responds with Google Now. It tells you what you need to know, even when you’re not touching it.

How does the Motorola Moto X work while sleeping?

Even when it seems to be sleeping, your Moto X is paying attention. Instead of a blinking light that doesn’t actually tell you anything, information quietly appears on the screen. You don’t have to wake your phone to look at the time or see your messages.