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What are the largest forums?

Date 2009, ranked by number of members. By 2017, many of those forums slipped from the Top 10 list but Gaia Online remained as one of the largest forums in the world, with more than 26 million members and more than 2 billion posts. The largest forums in 2017 were ConceptArt, Gaia Online and 4Chan.

What is a popular online forum?

Reddit. Reddit is an interactive forum in a number of ways. Users post whatever they like (a story, a video, a meme) and it gets ranked by other members voting on it. Also, members can comment and share on other websites. With over 100,000 communities, it remains one of the most popular forums on the internet.

Do message boards still exist?

Over the last decade, internet message boards have slowly been dying out and it’s not hard to guess why (when in doubt: blame Facebook and Twitter). Even forums which still have millions of active users are in trouble, as the controversial imageboard 4Chan announced in October that it was under financial strain.

What is the point of a forum?

Well, the purpose of a forum is to engage different groups of the same space together so they discuss some topic or give the opinion about something or provide useful information that can help another person or group and solve their problems or doubts, etc.

What are features of a forum?

Features in the World’s Best Customer Forums

  • Feature #1) Segmentation. Not all customers need to have access to all discussion forums.
  • Feature #2) Integrated Listserv.
  • Feature #3) Email Engine.
  • Feature #4) Mobile App.
  • Feature #5) Search Engine.
  • Feature #6) Analytics.
  • Feature #7) Favorites.
  • Feature #8) Auto-Subscriptions.

Which is the Best Gaming Forum in the world?

Keeping a simplistic yet timeless design, the site still proves it’s going strong for 23 years. A classic and a current powerhouse in gaming, IGN’s video game forum is all quality. It’s easily organized by gaming platform, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), and further into more specific topics.

Which is the best forum for stock trading?

Without further ado, let’s begin our list of the best stock trading forums. 1. The Lion The Lion forums has been around since 1999 and boasts thousands of members. It is free to join and is one of the more active forums around.

Is there a forum similar to a forum?

Google Groups is an online community or environment similar to a forum, in which users can connect with one another and discuss a specific topic. The community allows its users to organize events, and find other users with similar interests. To create a Google Group, you must sign in using your Google account username and password.

Which is the best forum for electronic drums?

For the past few years, Alesis has been dominating the budget electronic drum market, with kits like the Strike Pro, DM10 MKII Studio, Surge Mesh, and Nitro Mesh. For drummers who buy these kits, this forum is for you. Users of the site can ask questions, post videos, and share stories about their electronic drums.