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What are the ingredients in IBC Root Beer?

Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Caramel Color, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Natural And Artificial Flavors, Modified Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Quillaia Extract.

What happened to IBC diet root beer?

IBC Root Beer is an American brand of root beer now owned by Keurig Dr Pepper. It was originally owned by IBC until it went out of business.

Does IBC make diet root beer?

Diet IBC Root Beer is a uniquely sweet recipe with a smooth and creamy taste that makes for the perfect root beer with no calories or caffeine. Find Diet IBC Root beer in old time glass bottles for the freshest taste and quality. Due to high demand, variety is extremely limited from our suppliers.

Is IBC Root Beer bad?

IBC is certainly a good root beer. The composition of the root beer, however, is far from traditional. There are an unusually large number of synthetic-sounding ingredients – including high-fructose corn syrup and modified food starch – which is cause for concern for yours truly.

Is IBC Root Beer vegan?

Yes, root beer is generally considered vegan. The principal ingredients include various roots and herbs (e.g. sassafras albidum), foaming agents (quillaja saponaria, manihot esculenta, etc.), spices (e.g. allspice, nutmeg), and other non-animal-derived ingredients like sugar, molasses, and yeast.

Which root beer is best?

The Best Root Beer Brands In The World

  • Sioux City Root Beer.
  • Barq’s Root Beer.
  • Bundaberg Root Beer.
  • Refreshe Root Beer.
  • A&W Root Beer.
  • IBC Root Beer.
  • Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer.
  • Hires Root Beer (and Vodka)

Who makes diet root beer?

Diet A&W Root Beer
Diet A&W Root Beer is now A&W Root Beer Zero Sugar! Now you can enjoy the sweet taste of an American classic with zero sugar. This rich, creamy, and caffeine-free root beer is a timeless treat that has been a family favorite for over 100 years since it was first sold at a roadside stand in Lodi, California in 1919A.

Is IBC root beer halal?

A&W, Barq’s, and IBC are popular brands of the soft drink called “root beer.” Root beer once referred to a fermented beverage that contained alcohol. Present-day root beer is not an alcoholic beverage, and is not haram.

Where is IBC Root Beer made?

St. Louis, Missouri
Perfect for campouts, picnics and other outdoor activities, you can pair it with s’mores, coconut bread, or any one of your favorite treats. IBC Root Beer is an American classic both kids and adults love for its unique, fun flavor. Created in 1919 in St. Louis, Missouri, IBC is often imitated but never equaled.

Does IBC diet root beer have sugar?

Ingredients in IBC Root Beer Includes 40 grams of sugar (per 12 ounces) for a total of 160 calories.

Does IBC root beer contain caffeine?

Since 1919, IBC beverages have been unyielding in delivering quality soft drinks. Diet IBC Root Beer is a uniquely sweet recipe with a smooth and creamy taste that makes for the perfect root beer with no calories or caffeine.

Is there caffeine in IBC root beer?