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What are the features of the Honda eu2000i?

The Eco-Throttle mechanism in the current version of their top-rated model the Honda EU2000i automatically controls the engine to run with optimum speed according to the acquired load. In addition to achieving superior fuel economy, quite sound and compact size.

Is the Honda eu2000i portable generator for home use?

Anyone new to generators would regard the Honda EU2000i as having been developed specifically for home usage. At just over 45lbs when empty, the unit’s portability is not a problem. This applies whether you need it in an emergency, or you have to carry it from room to room. There’s no problem in getting it to where it’s needed.

Can a Honda eu2000i be used as an air conditioner?

The Honda EU2000i might not be powerful enough for some users. For example, it will not be suitable for powering an air conditioner… but Honda has designed the unit in such a way as to make it easy for two EU2000is to be connected together for double the power.

When did the Honda eu2000i inverter get discontinued?

The production of Honda EU2000i was discontinued in 2018. It got replaced by the new Honda EU2200i inverter generator. Has an Eco-Throttle mechanism that automatically controls the engine speed, keeping it at the optimum level according to the load being used.

What kind of car is a Honda S2000?

This S2000 shows as a 3-owner vehicle, but the customer who traded it states that it was owned by his family for the entire time. It is nicely equipped with a power convertible top, power windows, power door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, and much more.

Is the Honda eu2000i a good portable generator?

Lightweight and compact weighing less than 46 pounds, the EU2000i portable inverter generator is ideal for camping and recreation use and can serve as an emergency backup power source to keep your critical appliances running.