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What are the basic words of Hindi?

Learn how to say some basic Hindi phrases

Hello/Hi Namaste Namaste
My name is Peter Mera naam Peter hai. Mera naam Peter hai
Thank you Dhanyavad Dhanya-vaad
Sorry Maaf kijiye Maaf ki-jie
Excuse me Suniye Sunie

What does Amir mean?

Arabic, Persian, Hebrew. Origin. Meaning. ‘Prince’, ‘Chief’ (Arabic), Immortal (Persian) Region of origin.

What does Amir mean in text?

Am I Right? Internet » Chat. Rate it: AMIR. Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda.

What is the Hindi word for list?

English to Hindi Meaning :: list. List : सूची

How many Hindi words are there?

List of dictionaries by number of words

Language Approx. no. of words Dictionary
Tibetan 195,919 Rangjung Yeshe Dharma Dictionary
Hindi 183,175 Hindi Wiktionary
Romanian 180,000 dexonline
English 171,476 Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition

Is Amir a Hindu name?

Amir is a name of Arabic/Hebraic origin derived from the title Emir in Arabic, and meaning summit of a tree in Hebrew.

Is Amir a black name?

Meaning prince, Amir is of Arabic origins.

What is the full form of Amir?

The Full form of AMIR is The Association for Investment Management Research, or AMIR stands for The Association for Investment Management Research, or the full name of given abbreviation is The Association for Investment Management Research.

What is list called in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of List in Urdu is چاہنا, and in roman we write it Chahna. The other meanings are Fehrist, Pasandeeda Hona and Chahna.