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What are the 3 kete of knowledge?

The three baskets of knowledge are usually called te kete tuauri, te kete tuatea and te kete aronui. Te kete Tuauri (sacred knowledge) is the basket that contains knowledge of things unknown – rituals, incantations and prayers.

What does the word Kete mean?

/ (ˈkɛtɛ) / noun plural kete. NZ a basket woven from flax.

What are Ketes used for?

A kete is a type of bag or basket. In early times kete were important for everyday life for carrying and storing food. Plain open-weave baskets could be made quickly from strips of harekeke, or flax. Kete were designed and made for special purposes.

What does Aronui mean in Maori?

Maori Baby Names Meaning: In Maori Baby Names the meaning of the name Aronui is: Desire. Great desire.

What is in Te Kete Aronui?

1. (noun) basket of knowledge of aroha, peace and the arts and crafts which benefit the Earth and all living things – one of the three baskets of knowledge. This basket relates to knowledge acquired through careful observation of the environment.

What is Tane Mahuta the god of?

Tāne is a figure of great importance in tribal traditions. He is called Tāne-mahuta as god of the forest, Tāne-te-wānanga as the bringer of knowledge, and Tānenui-a-rangi as bringer of higher consciousness.

Is Kete a real word?

nounplural noun kete, plural noun ketes A traditional Maori basket, typically woven from flax. ‘I exhausted myself and my kete of ideas.

What is a kete Whakairo?

Kete whakairo are woven flax bags of a finer quality than the general utilitarian kete. They are normally made from prepared strips of flax and/or kiekie, some of which have been dyed. Kete whakairo may also feature geometric designs.

What is Māori weaving used for?

Weaving is a living art form passed down from the ancestors and a strong symbol of the survival of Māori culture. The kete, for example, is used in everyday life as a basket or bag. It can also represent a container of knowledge and wisdom. Highly-skilled Māori women painstakingly produce finely woven korowai (cloaks).

What does fill the basket of knowledge mean?

How do you use Aroha nui?

1. (noun) with deep affection – often used in signing off letters to friends. More correctly, it should be written as two words, aroha nui.