If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book

What are some of the best dark romance novels?

Twist Me,a dark romance by Anna Zaires. A man obsessed.

  • Jennifer’s Surrender by Olivia Jake. At 36,and a copywriter by trade,Jennifer Moore knew the power of words.
  • Big Sky by Kitty Thomas.
  • Wanderlust,a dark romance by Skye Warren.
  • His Master’s Courtesan,a dark romance by Lily White.
  • Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters.
  • Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts.
  • What are the best historical romance novels?

    Pride and Prejudice, Outlander, Devil in Winter, Jane Eyre, The Duke and I, and A Kingdom of Dreams are one of the best selling historical romance novels.

    What are some funny romance novels?

    Seduction and Snacks. Buy on Amazon. With a title like that you have to know you’re getting some good laughs with this romance novel.

  • Beautiful Player. Buy on Amazon.
  • Neanderthal Seeks Human. Buy on Amazon.
  • Bet Me. Buy on Amazon.
  • Nobody’s Baby But Mine. Buy on Amazon.
  • Boycotts and Barflies. Buy on Amazon.
  • Epic Fail. Buy on Amazon.
  • What are some good adult vampire romance novels?

    A Discovery of Witches (All souls trilogy) by Deborah Harkness. What happens when a century-old vampire and a spellbound witch are attracted to each other by a mysterious manuscript?

  • Illuminate – A Gilded Wings Novel,Book One by Aimee Agresti.
  • The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas.
  • Queen of Kings by Maria Dahvana Headley.
  • What are the best romantic novels in English?

    60 Best Romance Novels of All Time Get ready to swoon. There’s nothing quite like a good book, and great romance novels make reading even better. Vision in White. Book 1 in Nora Roberts’ Bride Quartet overflows with wedding wonder. Pride and Prejudice. The Wedding Date. Until the End of Time. A Knight in Shining Armor. Virgin River. Sweet Little Lies. Gentle Rogue. Open Season.

    Who are the Best Thriller Authors?

    Thrillers tend to follow the preoccupations of the times, and the world after 9/11 has provided new fears for action-oriented authors to confront. Perhaps the most successful of these authors is Vince Flynn.

    Who are the best suspense authors?

    This list features the best suspense authors in history including, Harlan Coben , Thomas Harris , Stieg Larsson , James Patterson , Stephen King, Robert Ludlum , Truman Capote , Ted Dekker , Dan Brown, Agatha Christie , and Sire Arthur Conan Doyle . Vote up the absolute best suspense authors below or add one who you think writes…