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What are some examples of radio advertising?

Marmite, Dove, Radiocentre, Harvey Nichols and Currys PC World are among the brands behind this year’s best radio ads.

  1. Marmite ‘The Mondays’
  2. Dove ‘Self-conscious’
  3. Flash ‘Colouring book’
  4. Currys PC World ‘Bootcamp’
  5. Harvey Nichols ‘Car’
  6. Radiocentre ‘See radio differently’
  7. Hive ‘Superfast at anytime’
  8. McDonald’s ‘Driver’

How do you write a radio ad?

When writing a radio ad script, you should:

  1. Highlight the consumer’s problem in an attention-grabbing way.
  2. Show empathy.
  3. Stress the pain the problem causes.
  4. Mention how your product solves this problem.
  5. Guarantee the customer’s satisfaction.
  6. Include testimonials if possible.
  7. Conclude with a call to action.

How much does a 30 second radio ad cost in Philippines?

Producing a simple 30-second radio commercial is just a drop in the bucket compared to what advertisers spend on a TV commercial. “You can have it in the can from P50,000 to P90,000 fully recorded, edited and mixed using a single-voice talent,” a producer says.

How many types of radio ads are there?

There are four major types of radio advertising, namely, straight commercials, dialogue commercials, dramatized commercials and integrated commercials. 1. A straight commercial is one that uses sound effects to arrest and hold the attention of listeners describing the product’s features and merits.

What do radio ads cost?

Radio advertising costs range from $200 to $5,000 per week, on average, depending on location and the size of the listening audience. The cost of producing the commercial is $1,000 to $2,500 depending on what is included, like music, voice actors, and editing.

How do you write a 30 second radio ad?


  1. Step 1: Identify the Call to Action.
  2. Step 2: Determine Your Approach.
  3. Step 3: Establish Empathy.
  4. Step 4: Amplify the Pain.
  5. Step 5: Offer the Solution.
  6. Step 6: Write an Opening Line that Reflects Your Approach.
  7. Step 7: Make Sure Your Story Flows Naturally and Easily.

What is the cost of radio advertising?

Is there a template for a radio ad?

While radio ads are considered useful, its design is what ultimately determines the ROI.   The primary tool for designing any ad is the script. However, there is no single template for radio ads. Radio ads examples tend to be available in different formats. Types of Radio Ads Examples and their Usage in Marketing your products

What makes a good funny radio advert?

Memorable. Funny radio adverts will make audiences fall in love with your brand. Whether or Pandora, Spotfiy, podcast or terrestial radio, well-written and well-produced comedy spots get heard, get remembered, and get results. The best radio creative makes buying radio time so worth it, and bonus: it improves the overall radio listening experience.

Who are the writers of the radio commercials?

Turn up your volume for 14 great radio ad examples, written by Walt and produced by Paul Fey, the dynamic radio team known as Paul & Walt Worldwide. Funny radio commercials: Beloved.

What makes buying radio time so worth it?

The best radio creative makes buying radio time so worth it, and bonus: it improves the overall radio listening experience. If you’re in the advertising, TV promotion or radio biz, we hope our award-winning scripts and spot serve as helpful, inspiring examples of the best radio copywriting, voice acting and production.